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You called me late tonight because you were looking for a sexy submissive escort and you saw my ad in the newspaper. I showed up at your hotel room dressed in an extremely short skirt and low cut top. I had on a matching lacy bra and thong under that with some thigh hi’s and sexy six inch pumps. When you answered your hotel door I smiled and said “Hello my name is Kendal I am your escort for tonight.” You took me by my hand and said “Yes, yes you are…” You started to look up and down my body and then handed me an envelope saying “This is for you. It’s the money that we agreed to on the phone.” I took it from you and said “Thank you baby.” I placed it in my purse and sat it down on your chair. You said “Kendal I want to see that sexy outfit you are in and I want to see the way that you walk and move.” So we made our way into the other room and you stood behind me. Seeing my sexy little hips sway back and forth in a hypnotic motion. Looking at the way my sexy long legs and ass looked as I turned around smiling and looking at you. Then you had a seat on your couch and looked at the way that I slowly turned around. Moving my hands across my tight fitting top that I was wearing I said “Do you like John?” He said “Oh yes I do Kendal. Your walk is so seductive and sexy. Then I started to take my hands and move them across my tight ass and up and down my thighs. I could not help but notice the growing bulge that was getting bigger in your pants. I started to move closer to you smiling. The sexual energy in the room was flowing so much it was like we were two magnets being pulled into each other. You said “Kendal I want you to take off your clothes for me baby.” Taking my hands I started to slowly lift my top off over my head. Then I turned around with my ass facing you and undid my skirt.

I moved my hips back and forth as it slowly moved down past my tight little ass. Moving its way down my thighs and legs I bent over and stepped out of it. I could hear you start to moan out and say “Look at that sexy ass oh my god!” I looked back at you and giggled. When I stood back up and turned around to face you your cock was out and standing straight up. You said “Look at how hard I am for you right now. Your clothes were completely removed down to your shorts. My pink pussy lips got instantly wet. When I looked at your body all I could think of is being putty in your hands. You stood up out of the couch and said “Take off your bra Kendal.” So I unsnapped it in the front and let the shoulder straps fall exposing my firm 34 C tits. You took your hands and started to tug on my nipples. Looking into my eyes saying “Your breasts are beautiful baby.” I said “Thank you John.” Sucking on my bottom lip I could feel my nipples getting harder by the second. Moaning out your name I could feel my thong getting wetter and wetter. He said “Stroke on my big fat cock baby.” I placed my soft hand around it and started to slide it up and down your shaft. Feeling it throb more with every stroke you leaned into me and started to suck and lick on my puffy nipples. Making circles round and round you took one of your hands and started to run them down the front of my body and placed it between my creamy little thighs. Running the tips of your finger up and down my thong. I said “OHHHH John I want you so bad right now that feels so good.” You said “I want you to remove this thong right now.” As I slid it down and stepped out of them your fingers started to slide up and down my dripping wet pussy lips. Teasing me for just a bit as they got puffier by the second. You said “That’s one pretty pussy baby. I have to feel it now.”

You slid your finger inside and started to move it in and out. Feeling the way that I gripped my tiny muscles around it you said “MMMM that feels so tight and wet and creamy.” Sliding your finger out you brought it up to your mouth and said “I need to taste those creamy juices baby.” I looked into your as I saw you taste my sweetness. You pulled me into you and started to kiss me deeply. Our tongues rolled round and round with my hand pumping your cock faster by now. Feeling me squeeze on it just a bit you started to drip pre cum on my fingers. You took me by my hand and took me to your bed and said “Your pussy tastes so good I want more “ You told me to lay face down on my stomach with my ass up in the air. I looked back and saw you pumping your cock. Crawling between my legs you took your tongue and started to lick up and down my wet lips. Starting at my clitty you rolled your tongue round and round. Hearing me moan out “Oh yes John your tongue feels so good please don’t stop. Then sucking lightly you move your lips up and down. Then making your way down to my pussy lips you ran your tongue back and forth the outer edges of my lips. I started to move my hips back and forth and grinded into your tongue and before I knew it you took one big plunge inside of my hot lips. Moving in and out faster by the second. My creamy juices were dripping down your face as you said “Oh yes baby give me that pussy grind those lips into my face!” I’ve never felt anyone’s tongue fuck me so deeply before. You could feel my pussy walls grab around and squeeze and try to lock your tongue inside of me. Flicking my lips back and forth as you danced with my hot little hole. Then you slid out of me and said “I’m ready to fuck you so bad right now baby just keep that tight ass up in the air.

You were pumping that dick fast and saw the look of lust in my eyes and then you took the tip of your wet cock head and started to push it inside of my sweet pussy lips. You could hear me say “Please fuck my pussy baby. I want to feel your cock sliding inside of my wetness. “ You said “Oh yes it’s just so fucking tight and feels so good Kendal!” Grabbing my hips you started to push more and more inside. It was one of the tightest fucking tunnels you have ever pushed your cock inside of. You told me you have never felt anything grip your dick like my pussy did. I grinded back into you saying “Fuck this little cunt baby. It needs your dick so bad please let me be your slutty fucking whore.” When you heard me talking like that you started to push me down into the bed and rim my thirsty pussy. Your cock throbbed so much It felt like an earth quake was about to erupt deep inside of me. My moans turned so loud and my pussy gripped your thick shaft so much that you said “Oh baby I am going to fucking cum right now in that pussy! I locked and clasped my lips around you and would not let it go. Looking back at you saying “Give me that cum John I want to be a slut for it right now please shoot it deep inside.” The next thing I knew there was a flood of cum inside of me. It was the thickest most hottest thing I’ve ever felt in my life.

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Forced And Taken Behind Prison Walls

You were in jail waiting for your sentence to go to trial and you got arrested for raping a girl and taking what you want from her.You was known for being a very dangerous man. And you have also been knon for being a bad boy.. You knew for the crime you comitted that you were going to be there for a very long time. And right now the only thing you can think about is how long it's been since you've had a dirty fucking slut to take care of all of your needs. You have had late nights staying up stroking off your dick just wishing that it could slide in a tight wet pussy. You can hear the sound of a clicking heels getting closer to your cell and you are not sure who it is. I just happen to know one of the guards and he lets me in because he owes me a favor. I can hear moaning coming from your cell and I walk up and see you with your big fat cock out stroking it. I stand there for a while and I start to get so turned on. I know that you have the history of being a very aggressive violent man. I call out your name and say "Charles I've come here to see you today." I'm dressed like a whore with a micro mini skirt and low cut tight fitting top with a matching bra and thong under that with some black thigh hi’s and a matching garter. I also have on six inch knee hi boots. When you see me the only thing you can think about is ripping my clothes off and forcing me so you can have your way with me. You instantly start to throb for me. You know that I'm a slutty fucking cock tease who use to deny you in the past. But tonight is going to be the night that you take what you want from me. Do you want to ram your meaty beef stick in my mouth and teach me a lesson for being a cock tease?

Do you want to feel me sliding my lips up and down your pole like a good cock sucking slut? And then raise up my mouth up to the tip of your cock head and spit all over your dick and then say “I’ve been wating to feel your cock invade my wet mouth. I know you want to deep throat it don’t you?” Take your fucking dick and shove it down my throat and make me choke and gag all over it. I try to fight and even cry out and say please don't hurt me but I have no choice. And I also don't want to be loud and draw attention to your cell. You have this feeling that deep down inside I want the danger and I like being scared. So you push me down and say "Suck my cock you bitch or i'm going to really hurt you." Your body muscles are so massive from doing all those work outs in the gym and I know you could crush me with just one blow so I don’t want to do anything to piss you off. I look up at you with my sad eyes and you know by the way that I resist I don't want too but since I have no choice I start to suck your dick just how you want me too. I do it so good that all you want to do is put me on all fours and slide your pole in my young cunt and asshole. As I’m sucking your cock faster and faster you moan out saying “I always had a feeling that you were one hot cock sucking whore Kendal.” Then you started to force and push it down my thraot deeper. You say "Gag on it slut!" And I start to choke because it's so huge. My wet mouth makes your shaft wetter and wetter as your balls are lapping against my chin. I start to taste your pre cum as you say that's enough I don't have much time.

So you yank me off the floor and push me down on all fours and strangle my throat as i'm moaning out saying "Please don't hurt me." You say shut up you slut I know you want it don't you. I can feel how wet your pussy is on my cock head. You start to push and shove it in past my little pussy lips. Ramming my twat like there is no tomorrow. After a while I can't deny it because it feels so good and I moan out saying "Yes I want you Charles please fuck me you know deep down inside i've always wanted to be your whore. Make me do dirty things and let me prove to you how slutty I am." Feeling me squeeze my tight pussy around your shaft gripping and squeezing it. Telling you "You have the best fucking dick i've ever felt. Use me however you want." When I say that you just hammer me even deeper and harder. Your cock is at least 9 inches long and three inches thick. And you say "That tiny pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. When I finish fucking your cunt i'm going to rape that ass you bitch!" My heart pounds with excitement and all I can think about is after you get finished rimming my ass that I want you to finish off by shooting your load all down my throat. Make me beg to taste my ass juices all over your dick because hearing me do that makes you want to explode. You know I’ll beg you and tell you how good your cock feels too. And when you finish having your way with me you send me on my way. You know i'll make it a night that you never forget. And smile at you and say "I can't wait to be your slutty whore again. When I think about forced fantasy phone sex it makes my heart race and gets me very excited. Are you ready to have your way with me today? We can do whatever kind of phone sex call you like and I promise I'll be a good little slut for you.. Call me at 1-888-704-6848 ask for Kendal Or find me in the free sex chat room.
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