My Favorite Kind Of Ice Cream Surprise

I was outside today having some fun and then I heard some music that sounded like the ice cream truck was close by. I thought "I really do want something creamy because it's so hot out today." I just so happened to have some extra money that I had left over from shopping so when the ice cream man pulled up he smiled and said "What can I get for you today sweetie?" I giggled and said "Well I want something really creamy that tastes good." He was looking at the cute little bikini that I was wearing and had this smile on his face and said "I have something that is VERYYYY creamy and it's unlike any ice cream cone you have ever had before." I looked up at him and said "Oh really? Well I like trying new flavors." I looked on the selection and said "Do you have a nestle ice cream cone with the sprinkled nuts on top?" He said "OHHHH no i'm sorry i'm out of those." I said "What about this it's it with the oatmeal cookie and vanilla ice cream in the middle?" Then he smiled and said "I don't have any of those either." I got a sad look on my face and said "but those are my favorites what am I going to do?" He leaned out of his truck and got very close to me and said "Well I was just about to go back to get more ice cream at my store and if you come along I'll give you your favorite kind of ice cream. And this kind is very special." I got very excited and said "Really! I love special things." Little did I know that he had something very naughty in store for me. Once we got back to the shop I saw that no one was there. He said "Let me just go in the freezer here and get some more ice cream. He handed me over a nestle ice cream cone just like I wanted and said "it's going to be $3 for this ice cream." I said "But I didn't bring that much money." I started to get tears in my eyes and looked up at him with a sad face and then he said "But I have a way where you don't have to pay anything for it." I said "Really? Because you know I would do ANNNNNYTHING for ice cream." He started to undo his pants right in front of me and brought out his big hard cock. He started to stroke it and said "Look at the surprise that the ice cream man has for you. It's shaped just like a cone and has lots of sticky cream inside of it." My eyes got really big as he said "Now get down on your knees and suck it for me and if you do a good job I'll give you a sticky treat."

So I smiled and kneeled down and took his big ice cream stick in my little hand and opened up my mouth and started to slide it around the top of his head. I only sucked on that part and took my tongue and rolled it around in circles. It was so fat that I could barely get it in my mouth. I looked up smiling and said "Your cone is so big and hard Mr ice cream man." He said "YESSSSSSSSS it is sweetie suck it good for me." Then he started to push more in my wet little mouth. I could feel it filling me up as I was sucking on it. It tasted so good that I could not help but start to slurp on it. Moving my pretty little lips slide up and down his shaft. He must have really liked the way that I was doing it because I could feel his muscle throbbing really hard in my mouth. And the way he was moaning out told me that he didn't want me to stop. I talked with my mouth full and said "I love sucking cock for ice cream." Then I took more in my mouth. He started to push my head down more and it felt like I was going to start choking on it. When I raised my mouth up I said "I can taste something really creamy that's falling into my throat." He said "Well baby you are just so hot and the way you are sucking my cock that's just a taste of all that creamy stuff I'm about to give you." I started to really suck his cock deep and fast. Moving my lips up and down his shaft so fast and taking it so far back in my throat that I started gagging. Then moving back up and taking my tongue to lick up and down his shaft. I loved making his cock feel so good and my little pussy lips got so wet knowing that he was about to explode any second. I started to wrap my mouth around his mushroom head again looking up at him and said "Can I please have my sticky surprise now?" Begging like a good little girl over and over again. And then the ice cream man started to really moan out loud and say "Here it cums!!!!" And then all this white stuff that looked like thick melted ice cream shot all over my face. It was so messy and warm! I started running my fingers across my face and tasted it and said "I've never had a treat so creamy before." Then I giggled and he said "You can have whatever kind of ice cream you want pretty girl."

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Confessing My Sins To Father Johnson

Father Johnson was the counselor at the catholic school that I was going too and this afternoon he called me into his office for some counseling. He said "Kendal do you know why you are here today?" I looked at him and said "I am really not sure all I know is my parents said I had to see you today about something very important." He said "Have a seat here by my desk so I can discuss something very important to you." I smiled and said "Okay Father Johnson." He was a very attractive and handsome older man. And word had it that he has been accused of hitting on young girls. But he had no idea I knew about them. As I sat there dressed in my very short skirt and low cut tight fitting top I said "So you want to talk to me about?" He could not stop looking up and down my body as he said "Yes Kendal well your mom and dad are very concerned about the kinda life and path that you are taking lately. They have spoken with me about suspicions of you and your uncle." I said "Me and my Uncle what do you mean?" He said "Well they already know how you are a very bad girl and tease and do things with the boys at school and the ones that live on your block. But when they think that you are sinning with your uncle that is just not acceptable." I batted my eye lashes and said "What makes them think I have something going on with him?" He said "Well they were in your room one day looking for something and they came across some condoms and his boxer shorts." My face started to turn very red and I didn't know what to say." So I sat there for a minute taking my hands and running my finger tips through my hair. I said "I don't deny how I like teasing and being very naughty with the boys who I know. And I don't deny even flirting with my uncle. I mean he does like coming over all the time and is always saying how I’m his favorite lil niece. And I’m always catching him looking at me when I'm walking around the house in my cute little short skirts and tight fitting tops." So father Johnson stopped me right there and said "That's another thing you should not be going around wearing those skimpy little clothes like that. Those skirts that just barely cover your bottom and those tops that show off way too much Kendal. It's very inappropriate to do that. I've even seen you here at school dressed like that and you know you are pushing the dress code when you wear things like that." I got up out of my chair and said "You mean things like this Father Johnson? How would you know what's inappropriate unless you have been watching and looking at me?"

I purposely dropped my pen down on the floor so I could bend over directly in front of him. He could see my little skirt rise up. As I bent straight down I looked back and caught him looking hard at me. I said "Father Johnson what are you looking at? Do you like what you see?" Then I stood up slowly and turned back around and saw his face getting very red. He started to adjust his collar and first he made off like he wasn’t looking at me. But I kept pressuring him until confessed and said "Kendal you are not wearing any panties under that skirt!" I went to go and lock his door and came back behind his desk and said "So you want to play it that way do you father?" He said "What way is that my child?" I said "Like you were not looking very hard at my sexy little thighs and the shape of my little ass." He didn't say a word. I walked closer to him with my little hands running across the bottom of my skirt and toying with it. Then I grabbed a lollipop out of my backpack and started to lick on it. I said "I don't think we need to talk about my supposed flirts and things that I do with my uncle. In fact what we need to talk about is all the rumors going around of what you do with the girls here at school." He said "What are you talking about Kendal?" I giggled and said "Don't play stupid with me I know what's been going on." I look down between his legs and I can see the hard on growing in his pants more by the second. I said "What we need to talk about is that big fat bulge in your pants that's getting very huge." He tried to cover it up with his hands and I just moved it and said "It seems as if it wants to come out and play." I took my little hands and started to run them across my breasts and slowly lifted it up and said "here's what's going to happen father Johnson. You have something I want and I have something you want don't you?" Slowly lifting up my skirt a little more and seeing the expression on his face as he said under his breath "Oh father please give me strength." I said "I will confess what you want to hear and you will give me your big hard Johnson." I started to undo his pants and slowly slide them down. Saying "Because I know it wants to feel something tight and wet around it." Then told him to get up as I sat down in his chair and pulled him between my legs. Looking up at him and taking my pretty lips to kiss the tip of his cock head. He was hard as a rock moaning out saying "OHHHHH Kendal please...." I said "Please what father? Please kiss your cock again?" He said "Oh yes please kiss it again I can't fight it anymore you are right I am a naughty father and I have been looking at the girls at school and have fantasized about them and have done more then that."

As I kissed his cock up and down his shaft and took my tongue to roll it around the tip of his mushroom head I said "What is it that you have done?" He said "Well I have jerked off my cock thinking about doing things with them and I have even gotten some of them to come back in my office and blow me and stroke me off." I said "I knew that and it was time that you confessed your sins with me." My mouth started to open and painted pink lips started to slide around his head. Slowly lowering down his shaft with me looking up at him. I could feel how hard he was and could tell that he really liked it a lot. I raised my mouth up and said "Well today you are going to get more then just that." And he asked "What more will you give me?" I looked up and said "Shhhhhh" As my mouth started to lower back down around his cock. I moved my warm mouth up and down. Taking inch by inch in. Sucking on it deeper and lowering my mouth as far as I could. Slurping on it as my head bobbed up and down. I've never felt an enormous cock like his penetrate me before from any guy. His cock was so meaty and fat and all real man. So much more then what I could get from the boys that i've sucked off. His cock was even larger then my uncles cock. With my lips sucking and mouth moistening his shaft I started to take it in as far as I could. Talking with my mouth full saying "You have wanted a cock sucking slut like me to come take you to ecstasy for a very long time now. A bad girl who will suck you so good you are begging to get a taste of her tight young pussy." My eyes started to water and I started to taste his pre cum and he started to fuck my mouth deep fast and hard. And then I raised up off of him and took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it. I looked in his eyes and said "I need to have a seat right now and the perfect place is right here." So he sat back on the chair and I climbed on top of him and pulled my dripping wet panties down and took his finger and said "Feel this tiny pink cunt that your dick is about to slide in." He said "Oh please help me lord." I said "He can't help you right now father Johnson." As his hands started to run up and down my swollen clitty and then on the edges of my pussy lips. I said "Go ahead and slide your finger inside of my tight little pussy lips." He could not resist and started to slide them in and out. Feeling my grip hold his finger and not let it go. He started to throb even more as I moved his hand and took the tip of his cock head to run it up and down. Teasing him and sliding just his head inside of me I said "You want to have me don't you father Johnson? You want to fuck this tight young cunt don't you?"

He was shivering all over and said "Oh god yes help me I do. I need you so bad." I started to lower more of my pussy lips down on his cock and said "This is what's going to happen father. You are going to tell my parents that they have nothing to worry about with my uncle. And yes I have fucked him lots of times. I've been a real dirty whore with him. But you will say nothing of it. Because if you do I'm going to tell EVERYONE that you raped me against my will and I'm going to tell them about all the things you have done with the other girls." As I lowered more of my pussy lips around him and took his cock in me even deeper. And then I said "Do we understand each other?" He didn't say anything for a moment and got really silent so I started to really squeeze my pussy walls around his cock tightly choking it and said "Do we understand each other father Johnson!" And started to lift up off of his cock and slide all the way until his head was against my pussy lips. He moaned out with his eyes full of lust and said "Oh yes please don't stop yes we understand each other I promise." I stayed on that position for a moment and would not lower my little slutty pussy lips around his cock until he said it again and then he started begging me "Please I want to cum so bad Kendal fuck me with that tight pussy of yours!" And then I lowered my little lips around his cock head again and started to really ride fathers cock deep and hard. I looked at him saying "Sin with me Father Johnson take this little pussy of mines." Moving up and down his shaft and squeezing and gripping around his shaft as tight as I could. My pussy juices were covering his shaft as I could feel his thrusts and throbs get more intense. I have never imagined how heavenly my own priests cock would feel thrusting inside of me. Even though I knew I should stop and not be doing this. I had a brief moment of when I started to lift my tiny pussy lips around his cock and felt myself sliding off of him but he grabbed me and said "No Kendal don't stop my child I need your pussy lips wrapped around my cock!" And he started to plunge his cock deeply inside of me. I started to moan out very loudly "Please don't stop fucking me father I have wanted you inside of me for so long. I've always wanted to know what a real mans cock would feel as it stretched me out and now I do. Your cock feels so good and is so large and thick please give me more!" The heat from his shaft made me even wetter. I started to arch back my shoulders and body started to tremble and quiver and my pussy muscles started to grab a hold of his cock and not let go. And then a wave came across my body like nothing I’ve ever felt before and father Johnson could feel my pussy lips start to cum all over his cock. It was like a ocean of cream that drenched and showered his shaft. He took his hands and held me down on his cock and he said "Tell me how bad you want my cum Kendal." I said "Oh please father Johnson I need your cum so bad there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you to give it to me PLEEEEEAAAASEEEE...." Hearing my moans and shutters he said "Oh yes I'm going to give you all of my cum baby here it is!!!" I said to him again "Oh yes please fill my hot little pussy up with your hot cum. I need to feel that huge cock shoot its explosion inside of me." And before I knew it he erupted like a volcano deep inside of me. Moaning out and panting as he said "Take it my child it's all yours!!!!" It felt so good and hot and sticky. My little pussy lips drank up every last drop he had. I looked at him and said "I look forward to coming to you for counseling again very soon as my parents may find something else to send me here for....

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