His Sweet & Innocent Girl Next Door

“T” called me today for a role play phone sex fantasy I will never forget. He wanted me to be his sweet and innocent girl next door. He knew how much I like age play so he told me he wanted me to be younger and still a virgin.

So I was in my bedroom with my blinds and window open having some fun listening to some music. Since my parents were gone I could pretty much have it turned up loud. I was dressed in a cute little skirt and tight fitting top and I had on my favorite little panties under it. I glanced out my window and saw “T” standing there with a smile on his face looking at me. I blushed and said “How long have you been there watching me?” He said “Oh for a little while now I could not help myself you looked so cute dancing around like that.” Then he said “That’s a very revealing little outfit that you are wearing today Kendal. What does your daddy think about you wearing things like that?” I giggled and said “Well he likes it when I wear things like this and doesn't tell me that I can't.” He said “Are you sure? I’m friends with him and I'm sure he wouldn't like seeing his little girl dressed in clothes like that.” Then I said “Why do you think he would not like seeing me like this?” He didn't say anything for a moment. He stood there with his eyes glancing up and down my body with this lustful expression on his face and then he said “Well If you were my daughter I don't know if I could take you dressing like that. It defiantly makes a guy….” Then he stopped. I walked closer to the window and said “Makes a guy what?” I looked down and could see a bulge in his pants as he said “Well it makes a guy get thoughts they shouldn't have.” Then he quickly changed the subject and asked me if I wanted to come over and have some juice and hang out until my parents get back home. I said “Okay sure I'd like to come over and hang out with you for a while.”

When we got there he didn't even bother to get me anything to drink. He just walked up to me and said “Do you want to know why it makes a guy get thoughts they shouldn't get when they see you dressed like that?” I said “Why is that?” He took me by my hand and placed it between his legs and said “Do you feel that baby? That’s why. My cock is rock hard looking at the way that you are dressed. And I can only imagine what kind of thoughts your daddy get’s.” He started to snatch my little top off and exposed my breasts. I said “I'm not sure you should be doing this “T”. But he didn't listen to me all he said was “You are just way too fucking hot for me to stop now baby.” I could not help but feel a little uncomfortable and very reluctant to let him strip me down to my little panties. I tried to cover up with my arms but he said “If you try to stop me and don't spend this time and give me what I want then I'll just tell your parents that you were in your room with your music blasted parading around like a little slut.” I thought “Oh my god I just finished up a punishment a few days ago because I got caught sneaking a boy into my bedroom!” And if my daddy didn’t mind me being dressed like this I knew my mom would be very mad. I was down to nothing but my cotton little panties when he said “Pull your little panties to the side Kendal I want to see that sweet little pussy of yours." He laid me back on his couch and I pulled them over for him. He took his finger and started sliding it up and down my pink cunnie lips. I tried to fight it but it felt so good and I could feel my lips start to get wet. His ran his finger up and started to roll around my clitty as he took his other finger and began teasing my puffy lips. He could feel how wet I was getting as he looked up and said “Your pussy looks super tight Kendal.” My body started to quiver all over and tingle like nothing I've ever felt before. I was so excited all I could think of is what was going to happen next. So then he took his finger and started to slide it in my tiny wet lips. OHHHH it felt so good the way he did it. I thought I was going to cum like an explosion! What a feeling that was! No guy my age would ever make me feel that way. Only a older man with experience would make my body tremble like “T's” was. He said “I've never finger fucked a girls pussy as smooth bare and tight as yours Kendal.” Sliding in and out faster I started to grind my hips and squeeze his finger. He moaned out louder and before I knew it he had his big fat cock out and in front of my face saying “Look at this baby. It’s dripping pre cum. Go ahead and suck it for me and make it wet just a little bit.” So I raised up and opened up my mouth and started to slide my lips around his big fat mushroom head. I could taste something bitter as it started to penetrate and slide in even deeper. He looked down at me and said “OHHH yeah baby suck that dick your mouth feels so fucking good.” He could feel me slurp and suck as I took it in as deeply as I could.

It started to hit the back of my throat as he took his hand and pushed my head down on it deeper. I tried not to gag on it but it was much too big. The little boys cock I suck on was never as big as his. He pumped and face fucked my mouth as my lips slid all the way up and all the way down his huge shaft. Then he said “Play with my balls baby because I’m about ready to explode and I want to cum in that tiny wet pussy of yours.” So I took them in my little hand and started to massage them nice and slow. Feeling how filled up they were with his cum he said “Oh fuck I need that little cunt now!” He pulled out of my mouth and before I knew it he was back between my legs with my cotton little panties off and piercing his big fat cock in my sweet little hole. I gripped the couch and closed my eyes with my head tilted back as he took my virginity away from me. His huge cock felt like it was forcing my tightness open. Pushing and pumping faster and faster. Feeling my extremely tight lips get stretched open by his eight inches of thickness. I moaned out and tears flooded my eyes. I tried not to cry but it hurt so much. Then after all the pain it started to feel very good. He had a animal look on his face as his hands started to run up and down my little body. He started to push my tits together saying “This is what all guys want to do Kendal. They want a piece of this incredibly tight pussy. He looked down as his cock was pumping my pussy and said “How old are you Kendal 16? I started to smile because he had no idea that I dressed a lot older then what I actually was. As my pussy lips were grabbing and clinching his cock I giggled and said “No I'm younger “T” He said “OH MY GOD YOU ARE??” I said “yeah but I don't think I'll tell you I'll just let your mind take you away of how young I really am.” I gripped his dick so fucking tight and looked into his eyes and felt his throbbing cock that he could not hold that thick hot cum back any longer. He said “Take this fucking cum it belongs to you!” And then I felt him shoot a huge load of his thick cream deep inside of me. He looked down at me kissed me and said “You are a very naughty girl Kendal. Not so innocent as you like people to believe you are.” I giggled and said “I just love being your girl next door “T” and I can't wait for you to call me for another submissive phone sex call again.

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