My Unexpectant Sticky Christmas Surprise

Do you like how I’m dressed right now? I’m kicking back wearing one of my sexy new teddies that I bought a few days ago at the mall and as I’m laying here I can’t stop thinking of this unforgettable role play phone sex call that I got.
I thought would be the perfect time to go to one of my favorite malls and do some shopping for Christmas time. I met some of my friends there and we hung out for a little bit just walking around doing the things that girls do. *giggles* And I thought “since I’m here I may as well buy some new clothes for school.” I came across lots of cute little skirts and tops that just had my name written all over them. You know the kind that make the boys and older men stop dead in their tracks and have to take a long hard look? I just love wearing those sexy little outfits with a touch of sluttyness that shows off my pretty little legs tight firm ass and 34 C tits. I love seeing the expression on men’s face when they see me smile at them and make a suggestive remark that makes their cocks get rock hard instantly. Today I decided to buy something that I knew would get me some attention. Little did I know when I bought it that it just may not give the kind that I was looking for. After I paid for it and made my way out of the store I tried to look for one of my girl friends. (We kinda split up and didn’t stay together which was mistake number one) It was very crowded and people were everywhere. And it was so noisy that there was no use in trying to call out their names.

I decided to go to the back of the mall so I could get them paged by security. (That was mistake number two) When I got back there I looked around for someone to help me but no one was there. That was the point when I started to get a little upset. So I went into the girls bathroom so I could get myself together. (Right at that point was the biggest mistake ever) It was really late and no one was in the bathroom. At least that’s what I thought. I put my things down in the lounge area and took a second look in the mirror at my cute little outfit and said “Ohhh what a sexy and hot outfit this is.” Just as I was about to grab my things and walk out I heard a mans voice come up from behind me and say “It sure is a VERY hot outfit.” My heart skipped a beat and I dropped my bags to the floor and quickly turned around. I looked up at him and said “How long have you been standing there?” He said “I think the question you need to be asking me is how long have I been following you around the mall. You are such a sexy girl you know you shouldn’t be here by yourself. Anything could happen in a crowded mall.”
I was getting more nervous by the second. He looked like the kinda man that a girl like me would not want to be alone with. I nervously said “I need to go and find my friends.” He gave this devious smile and said “Oh you don’t need to worry about them I’m sure they have left by now.” He started to walk in closer to me and said “But if you want I can help you look for them.” I said “No that’s okay I’m sure we will catch up later on.” He started to reach out at me and said “You know you should be more careful of the kinda clothes that you wear baby. I have a little girl and if I ever knew she went out dressed like this I would be very mad.” Then he said “Clothes like this just draw the wrong kind of attention. And you may find yourself in a situation that you can’t get yourself out of.” I tried to quickly grab my things and run out the door but he moved in front of me and quickly locked the door. He said “You don’t have to worry about going anywhere. The moment I saw you I just knew I had to get you alone.” He took his hands and started to run them across my little top. He said “Look at the way this clings to your breasts. If I look hard enough I can see your budding nipples press through them.” I said “Please don’t do this I really have to go.” His eyes ran up and down my little body and I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge in his pants growing by the second. He said “your little young body looks so inviting and so delicious.”

I gave a half smile and said “Thank you.” I wasn’t sure what to do at that point. All I knew is that my heart was racing and my body was trembling all over. He told me that he had a feeling that I just drove all the boys crazy. And then he said “But now you are with a man and I’m about to show you what you do to me.” My eyes started to tear up and I said “No please don’t. I really need to leave right now. “ He said “Don’t be scared if you do exactly as I tell you then you won’t get hurt.” His hand started to run up and down the huge bulge that was in his pants. I tried to yell out and scream but he grabbed me and said “Didn’t you hear what I said! Now shut up and get down on your knees now!! And if you think I’m playing then do that again! Your friends will never find you if you don’t listen to me!” I was very hesitant but his stern voice scared me so much I knew that I had to do what he told me too. I got down on my knees and undid his pants. His big juicy dick sprung out looking very long thick and hard. He looked down at me and said “You are responsible for making my cock like this little girl now what are you going to do about it?” I looked up at him and said “I have to make it really happy cause if I don’t you are going to hurt me.”

He laughed out and said “Good answer now do it!” I wrapped my soft hand around it and started to stroke. He started to moan out and said “OHHHH yes that’s what I mean. I’ve never felt hands quite as soft as yours stroke me before.” Then he told me to kiss up and down his shaft. I took my glossy painted lips and pressed in against his muscle and took my tongue and started to lick up and down. I looked up at him and said “do you like that? Does it feel good to you?” He said “Fuck yes good girl now open up your mouth and suck it for me.” I slowly made my way up to the top of his cock head and parted my lips and started to suck his dick. I slid my warm mouth up and down his shaft just sucking and slurping all over his thick rod making it wetter by the second. It must have felt really good too because he took his hand and put it on the top of my head and started to push my mouth down on him deeper. His moans grew very intense as my eyes started to fill up from water.

My mouth was so far down on his shaft that I almost started to gag and choke. He started pumping my mouth like he was plunging his cock into my sweet bald pussy. Then he moaned out and said “Ohhhhh fuck I have to stop now before I cum down your fucking throat slut.” I looked into his eyes and said “Does that mean I can go now? Can I find my friends? I’m sure they are really worried about me.” He said “Fuck no you can’t go! Now it’s time for you to get your Christmas present!” I stuttered and said “Present? What kind of present are you going to give me?” He chuckled and said “It’s going to be a present you never forget!” He grabbed me by my hips and pushed me over to the chair and took my little legs and forced them apart. I looked back at him and said “Oh please no don’t do this! You are going to hurt me! I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you do this to me!” He said “Shut up your fucking cock tease and get ready to receive your present!” He grabbed my little panties and ripped them to the side and exposed my bald pink pussy and said “MMMM look at that sweet cunnie of yours. I need to feel how tight and wet it is as I’m pumping it full of my meaty dick.” He took his fingers and ran them up and down from my tiny lips to my little ass.
He said “It’s just so sweet tiny and ripe! I’ve never seen anything as pretty as yours before and now it’s about to be alllllllllll mine!” I tried to struggle with him and get away but he was much too tall and strong. There was no way I could get away from him even if I used every bit of strength. He took his cock head and said “I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this you little slut but now I’m going to have to force my dick in you!” he wrapped his hand around his shaft and plunged his cock deep inside of me. His hands were all over me. He ran them across my ass and down between my little legs and started to finger my clit. I squirmed back and forth as he made his way up my back and started to reach around in front of me and squeeze my tits. His thrusts because more intense as he said “Tell me you like it you little slut!” I turned my face back at him and said “No, no, no I don’t like it!” Then he said “Tell the truth I know you like it! If you didn’t your little pussy wouldn’t be dripping wet right now!” There was no way I was going to admit to him that I was getting excited over the way he was going after me. I was not going to admit that I get weak for aggressive men who know how to get what they want. I would not give in and give him that satisfaction even if I did like it.

I could feel his meaty dick throbbing inside of my pussy walls. He forced himself in and out as my little pussy lips tried to push him out. He was so big that it felt like he was ripping my insides open. I could feel his bug huge balls slapping against my ass as I moaned out louder with every stroke. He started to hit my g spot and oh it felt so fucking good. I tried so hard not to cum all over his cock but he just started hitting it deeper and harder. My pussy muscles started to clinch around his shaft and he was ready to blow his load. He looked at me and said “Fuck I can’t hold back anymore it’s time for you to receive your sticky Christmas present right now!” I yelled out “Please don’t cum in my little pussy I don’t want to get pregnant!” He said “I don’t care what you don’t want I’m cumming I’m cumming!!!! I could feel his thick gooey goo fill me up like a flood. His hands were planted on my hips and his weight had me pushed into the chair and he would not slide his dick out of me until he drained every last drop he had. He moaned out “The next time I see you in this mall not only will your little cunt take my cock but so will your tiny virgin looking ass!” There was a strange part of me that was looking forward to running across this man again. He grabbed me by my hand as I picked up my bags and said “Now lets go look for your friends now before I change my mind and give you another present.

I will never forget what happens when you end up in the wrong part of the mall again…

Do you like forced phone sex as much as I do? Give me a call today so I can be your helpless little victim..



The Campus Whore (Part 2)

I can’t believe its December already. My first semester of college is flying by at an amazing speed. I’ve been so busy with my side business that I have hardly had time to study. And I am still shocked that my little ad in the local newspaper has gotten such a huge response. I actually have to turn away customers (I don’t like calling them ‘Johns’) or I would never get any homework done. I don’t understand why so many guys pay for it when there are so many girls on campus giving it away for free. I asked my Psychology professor about it last week. I told him that I was reading the newspaper and came across the ads on the back page and was wondering why guys would pay a girl for sex. He said that it could be about control or a fear of rejection. When a guy is paying a girl, he feels like he can do what he wants, she can’t say ‘no’ or just laugh at his advances and just walk away. I guess that would explain what my first customer did to me. I already told you all about that. He also said that there are a lot of inexperienced guys on campus, and paying a girl gets them through the first time so they can feel more confident approaching a girl that they really want to be with. I guess that would explain some of the fools that have shown up at my front door. I mean…some of these guys are not too bright. I had three guys show up one night thinking they could pay the one price and all have a turn….DUH….I’m not a pizza…YOU CAN’T SHARE ME!!!!! Another guy actually wanted to pay me with his mother’s credit card! My professor had this grin on his face when he was explaining it to me. I wonder if he saw through my little fib?

I’ve been getting a lot of repeat business, and a lot of guys that heard about me from their friends. I’ve had to add another service to my ‘menu’, because it seems that almost all the guys want to fuck me. Now it is $50 for a handjob, $100 for a blowjob, and $200 for a good old fashioned fucking. The new ad just went in the paper yesterday, and last night I had to shut my phone off. This big guy came over…he looked like a football player….he was over six feet tall and well over 200 lbs. At first he just wanted a blow job, but like most of the rest as soon as he saw my bald little pink pussy he just had to have it. Mike came in and said “Bill sent me”, like I know who the fuck Bill is. I had to pretend like I knew who he was talking about. Pretty soon neither of us was thing about Bill anymore. He didn’t want to go in the bedroom…he wanted to do it right out in the living room (I got an extra $50 for that). I said “are you sure that you don’t want to just go in the bedroom? It’s the same sweet pussy in there as it is out here”

“No”, he said, “I can do it in the bedroom with any girl…I want to do something different” and began taking his clothes off.

“Ok, its your money.” I was wearing this cute little outfit that I just bought yesterday afternoon, and while he was rushing to get out of his clothes, I took my time and gave him a show as I took mine off. First, I undid the buttons on my blouse. One by one…making him wait to see what was underneath. When they were all open, I pulled my arms out of the sleeves, but held the front closed so he couldn’t see anything yet. Finally, I just let it drop to the floor, and I saw the look on his face when he saw that I wasn’t wearing a bra. My tits aren’t huge, but everybody seems to like them anyway. Then, I turned away from him and slowly slid my skirt down my sexy legs, revealing the cutest pair of panties that I could find. I think my ass is what really got him going, because before I was able to turn back around to face him and continue the strip show, his hands were all over me. I teased and seduced him so much that he couldn’t take it anymore and he just ripped my little wet panties right off me. Right at that moment I could tell how much he liked forced phone sex. I turned around and his cock was hard and ready to go. He roughly pushed me down on my knees and said “screw that…open your mouth and suck it”. I did what he wanted me to do. I put my hands on his legs and took the head of his cock in my mouth. His head tilted back while I was mouth fucking him, slowly sliding it in and out, while my tongue ran around the head and up and down the shaft. He took my left hand in his and guided it to his balls, so I started gently rubbing them while I was sucking him. “You’re being too damned gentle, slut…I said that I wanted something different”. So I started squeezing his balls harder and I really started to suck and slurp on his cock faster and deeper. I didn’t know what else to do. He grabbed my right hand and put it on his ass hole. I took his cock out of my mouth and said “that will cost you extra.”
“Fuck that” and he pushed me back onto my ass. Before I could get up he was on top of me pushing me all the way down on the floor. His cock found my pussy like an arrow finds a target and he started pounding my little pussy harder than I ever experienced. He was pumping me so hard I thought he was going to break my hips. He could not control himself with me. But how could I blame him by the way I was being a cock tease. Just his weight alone was too much for a little girl like me, and he wanted to be rough on top of that. I reached behind me and grabbed the bottom of the couch just to have something to hang on to while he fucked me deeper and harder. Then suddenly, without warning, he pulled out of me and was back on his feet. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back up on my knees. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and started fucking my face just as hard as he had fucked my pussy. Did he know my secret and my desire to be controlled and taken by an aggressive man? He was pounding my face so hard that I started to gag on his huge dick. My eyes started to water as he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock deep into my throat. His shaft was so far down my throat that his balls started to slap against my chin. And they were so filled up with cum I knew he would be shooting his load at any moment. I tried to come up for air but he had my hair wrapped around his hand and said “you don’t need air your little slut just fuck this juicy dick with your mouth.” I started talking like a slut and said “is this the kinda fucking whore you like? I can tell by the way your cock is throbbing down my throat.” Then I said “You know I’m a cock loving slut and I won’t stop until you are blowing your hot jizz all down my throat. As soon as I said that he started shooting wads of thick cum down my throat. OMG it was so much fucking cum! I couldn’t breathe at all and almost passed out, but he didn’t let me go until he was done. He finally pulled it out of my mouth and I thought it was finally over, but he said “now lick it clean, slut “ Then he said “Fuck it…..I’ll just use what’s left of your panties.” He cleaned himself off while I sat there on the floor trying to breathe and figure out what just happened. Then he started laughing while he got himself dressed. On the way out of the door he said “Bill said you were good, but that was better than I thought it would be. You were fan fucking tastic!” With that, he left…and that is one customer that I hope would have me guessing on if he returns or not.

Be sure to watch for more of my “Campus Whore” series, and call me at 1-888-704-6848 for your own role play phone sex fantasy.

Phone Sex

Your Mysterious And Submissive Baby Girl

I see the way you look at me when you think no one is watching. And you see the way my face lights up when I look back at you with my pretty lil smile. You may think that I’m the perfect little package that’s made up of all the things that make me innocent, and sweet. And that’s just how things are between the two of us at the start. In fact you won’t come across a girl who is as submissive as I am. You are everything that excites me in a man. Older, experienced, naughty, open minded, sexual, and maybe even married *giggles*. You know that there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get you hot and bothered for me. It doesn’t matter if I’m that sexy girl next door, your favorite student, your wife or girl friends younger sister, or even my daddy’s best friend. You see the way I dress in these short little skirts that show off my tight little ass and sexy little legs. And those tight fitting tops that cling to my perky 34 C breasts. Sometimes all you can think is “I wonder just how innocent she really is? Or maybe she’s just a little slut in disguise.” You know what they say about girls like me, we are the ones who are the most naughtiest. Or maybe if I am innocent you can turn me into your very own slutty fuck doll. When you finally get me all to yourself you know that is the perfect time to have your way with me.

I look into your eyes and walk up to you and gently brush my little body against yours. You can feel my hard nipples push through my little top and your cock starts to stiffen more by the second. I look up at you as I feel you pull me in and you grind your thick hard cock into my thighs. I smile and say “It’s okay if you want to touch me I won’t tell anyone cause I love secrets.” You moan out because if you are into age play phone sex you know this little underage body will have you doing things that you never thought you could do. From there it just gets more forbidden and there is no turning back. You smile with a hungry look in your eyes and say “Take off your top Kendal I want to see those perfect tits.” I lift up my arms and say “ ‘kay I’ll take it off for you.” And there they are so firm and ready to be touched by your big strong hands. Will you pull me down onto you and take me in your lap and feel how moist little panties are for you? I can hear your voice say “MMMMM Kendal that feels so good baby” as I start to lightly wiggle and grind my little ass into the huge bulge that’s in your pants. Do you want to move my panties to the side and feel this bald sweet pussy? Or do you want me to wiggle my tight little ass all the way out of them? Do you want to know how tightly it squeezes around your finger as you are sliding it in and out?

What if I told you I want something bigger like your meaty stiff cock stretching me open? Will you let me slide your pants down and expose that huge throbbing stick so I can lower my baby girl pussy down on it? I want to straddle you and feel your hands grabbing my little hips as I’m sliding up and down your dick. I am ready to moan out your name as you are pumping in and out and hear my moans say “Ohhhhhh please take me. I’ve wanted you for so long now. Please don’t stop fucking me you feel soooooo good inside of me.” My bare breasts are pushed up against your chest and I start to ride you a little faster. These dripping wet tiny pussy lips are pulling you deeper in me and squeezing so tight that all you can think of is filling me with all your thick cum. Your thrusts get more intense and my lips choke your shaft tighter. You grab my little ass and start to completely let go and do everything you have fantasized about doing with me. Because you know I can be just as sweet and innocent or naughty and slutty as you want me to be. And when your cock can’t get any harder or throb any more then it possibly can I will beg you to let me drain your balls and take every last drop you have. What will you do next? Shoot it in this sweet fuckable pussy of yours? Or will you get me on my knees so I can tilt my head back and watch you jerk your cock and explode in my mouth. I want to be your submissive phone sex cutie today and make you cum like never before.

 Forbidden, Submissive, Phone Sex


Gimmie That Cream Filled Hard Candy

I’m having a pink lemonade lollie pop right now and some very naughty thoughts right now about a blow job phone sex call that I had. And all I can think about is how much I want to suck your big hard cock. I can remember the very first couple of times I sucked one. I was really young and I knew I shouldn’t have done it but I was a very curious girl. I always seemed to like older men. There was something about boys that just didn’t make me want to do forbidden things. Even though I fooled around with them and was flirty there was something about a man that really excited me. One weekend my daddy was having a get together and invited his best friend over. I was dressed in a cute little skirt and tight fitting top. I had my hair in pigtails and had one of my favorite lollies sucking on it. He was a very handsome man in his late thirties and always gave me that look like he wanted to get me alone so he could do very naughty things with me. I always noticed the looks that he gave me and the way he would smile at me. I always flirted with him by the way I sucked on my candy and would take my fingers and roll my pig tails around them. When my dad was in the other room or had his back turned he would always check me out. I would walk around him and lick and suck and seductively twist my candy in my mouth. And then I would slowly lick my lips and give him a smile and giggle. I knew that drove him crazy because he would get this intense look in his eyes. My dad had to go out and get some coals for the grill and I could tell by the look on his friends face that was going to be his chance to have me all to himself. We were sitting on the couch and my pretty little legs were stretched out and I could not help but notice his glimpse and stares my way. He moved closer to me and just started staring at me.
I smiled and stared sucking on my candy and said “What are you thinking about Jake? Is there something I can get for you?” He smiled and said “Oh sweet baby you just have no idea what you can do for me.” I couldn’t help but notice his hand in his lap and how it was touching the bulge that was getting really big in his pants. I could tell that he would rather be doing something other then watch T.V. so I played silly and said “What are you talking about?” He grabbed the twizzler out of my hand and threw it in the kitchen. I said “Why did you do that Jake?” Then I got up to go get it so I could throw it away. He got up and grabbed me and said “You know why I did it Kendal. You are sitting there sucking and licking on that candy teasing me like a little slut.” He pushed me down on the floor and started to slide his pants down. I looked as my eyes got really big smiling and looked up at him and heard him say “This is the candy you need to be sucking on you little cock teasing slut! Look at how hard you have it right now. And this kind has some yummie creamy filling in the middle.” Then he looked down at me and said “Kendal you are really young too. Have you ever sucked a mans cock before?” I looked up at him and said “Well I’ve sucked a few of the boys cocks at school but I’ve never sucked a mans before.” He had his hand wrapped around it stroking nice and slow. He starts to straddle my face and runs the tip of his huge cock head around my pretty glossy lips. My eyes look deep into his and I say “My daddy may be back really soon what if he walks in on us?” He said “Baby it’s not going to take long for me to give you my cream. I’m fucking throbbing right now.” I start to slide my tongue out and say “can I pleeeeeease suck your long hard candy?” He goes to move my lips back and forth his mushroom head and he said “Kiss it up and down my shaft baby girl.”

I press my lips into his shaft and start at the bottom and give it light baby smooth kisses all the way up to the top. I make my way up and down moaning out as my eyes don’t loose contact with his. I open up my mouth and he takes his meaty candy and slides it in nice and slow. I start to tease just the tip of the head. Just raising my mouth up and down and licking it in circles. He takes his hand and gets really excited as I start to lower my mouth up and down his shaft and starts to push it in really far. It was so big and fat and barely fit in my mouth. I started to make those slurping sounds and sucks as he guides me up and down faster and faster. He looks down and said “suck this dick baby fuck it feels so good!” He thrusts and grinds it back in my throat and starts to make me gag on it. My eyes get glassy as he is shoving and looking down at my head bobbing up and down his pole. He said “Wrap your little hand around the base of my cock and play with my balls baby because it’s time for your creamy treat!” I started to beg him for it saying “OHHHHH yes please give me your sticky treat! I want to lick it all up like a good little girl just for you!” He pumped fast hard and deep as my tongue trailed up and down his hardness and then he grabbed me by my pig tails and lifted my warm wet mouth up and tilted my head back saying “Say ahhhhh you little cock sucking slut cause here cums your sticky surprise!!!” He exploded his hot load deep down my throat. I swallowed all that he shot in and licked it off smiling like the good little cum slut that I was. I looked up at him licking my lips as he smiled at me and kissed my lips. As I got up and licked all the cum off of my face the key slid in the door and in walked my daddy with the bag of charcoal saying “Were you a good girl for Mr. Jake?” I giggled and said “I was a VERY good girl for him we had a lot of fun.”

MMMM I just love oral phone sex and I can’t wait to have some more of that creamy hard filled candy. Can I have some of yours today?

Hot slow licks,


The Campus Whore (Part 1)

It all started when I was accepted at a college about 90 miles from where I grew up. You would think this was a positive thing, and you would be right – of course. But, in my case the dorms were already full so I had to take an apartment off campus, and my financial aid wouldn’t cover my housing unless I was living in a dorm. I worked all summer trying to save enough money to live on my own for the school year, but it just wasn’t enough with paying for my car, my clothes (I love shopping for new clothes), pizza, and going out at night. I was only able to save enough for the first and last month’s rent and the security deposit. I hardly had enough money for food and gas after all that.

So, I decided to put an ad in a local community newspaper offering my “services” for a price. I figured $50 for a handjob and $100 for a blowjob was fair enough, so that’s what I went with. I had done that much for my boyfriend in my senior year in high school, but he never got my pussy. I wanted to save that for the right guy. So, yes, I was still a virgin. And, I guess I was a little naive, too, because I thought I would only get a call or two and they probably wouldn’t even show up. I can’t believe how wrong I was. I didn’t even have a picture in the paper like most of the girls did, but as soon as the paper came out the phone started ringing. And those guys were not shy about telling me exactly what they were looking for. I actually had to hang up on a couple of them because they were demanding sex, not just a blowjob for the $100. There were others that were actually nice guys, too, and I made appointments with them and gave them the address. Now, I know from experience that guys like girls to dress sexy, and fortunately I was well prepared in that area with tight jeans, low cut blouses, short skirts, sexy panties, etc. I’ll never forget the first guy that came over, because he was in my Economics class at school, and more than once I had caught him checking me out. I got dressed in a cute little short sexy skirt with pink panties underneath (I figured I would give him a peak at the panties to get things rolling). When I opened the door and he saw that it was me his cock nearly ripped right through his jeans! He was kind of awkward, though, and when I had let him in and closed the door I asked him as delicately as possible which of the services on my ‘menu’ he was interested in. He started stuttering a little and told me that he was planning on spending only the $50 for the handjob, but now he was thinking that he would rather have the blowjob. He actually asked me if that was alright with me! Well, DUH!!!! Is it alright with me if I make $100 instead of $50? It’s not as if it was going to take any longer or anything….he was so awkward that I knew it would be less than five minutes and it would be over. But, I kind of liked him…being my first customer, and since he was in my class and all. So I was cool about it and told him that it was more than alright with me, and since he was nice enough to ask I would let him rub my pussy through my panties while I sucked him off.
He counted out $100 in fives and tens, and I took his hand and led him into my bedroom, where I had candles burning to help set the mood. I soon realized that candles were not necessary….I was the only one that knew they were even there. Most of the guys were only interested in getting in my pants…it wouldn’t have mattered if the fucking house was on fire, as long as they got off before we had to leave. I don’t know why, but I closed the bedroom door behind us…more intimate, I guess. I kind of expected that he would be taking his clothes off when I turned back towards him, but he was just standing there. I told him it was alright for him to take his clothes off and lay down….I couldn’t help him if he didn’t get undressed. He told me that he thought I was going to do that for him. I hadn’t thought about that, but it was alright with me, so I unbuckled his belt and before I pulled his zipper down I started to rub his cock through his jeans. To this day I still don’t know if it was his first time or not…or maybe it was his first time with somebody that he didn’t know. I pulled his zipper down, then his pants, and I helped him step out of them. The head of his cock was sticking over the waistband of his underwear, and he seemed a little embarrassed about it. So I tried to put him at ease by lifting my skirt and rubbing my panties against it while I pulled his shirt over his head. I knew that if we didn’t get started he wasn’t going to last long enough for me to actually do anything to him, so once he was standing there in only his underwear I gently coaxed him onto the bed and lay down next to him. 

‘Just relax and enjoy it’, I told him. “I’ll take good care of you.” I put my hand inside his underwear and started stroking his hard cock, being careful not to touch the head too soon because I didn’t want him to cum too fast. I wanted it to last long enough that he would want to come back again. To my surprise he immediately put his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my pussy, too. He knew exactly what he was doing…so maybe this wasn’t his first time after all. “Just rub it gently…don’t push your finger inside. That’s really the only rule that I have.”

“Okay, don’t worry, I won’t”, he said. I started massaging his balls a little, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying it. I was, too…his hand felt so good between my legs. If I wasn’t a virgin I would have told him to fuck me right then. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter while I stroked his cock slowly up and down. It was time for me to get him out of his underwear, so I knelt down next to him and started pulling them down. He lifted his ass off the bed so I could get them off him, and once they were out of the way I made sure that my ass was facing him so he could continue what he was doing. His cock was much larger than. I first thought….much bigger than my old boyfriend’s. I put my mouth up against the head, and let my warm breath tease it a little. His hand was back rubbing on my pussy, and I almost came right then. How un-professional is that? I had to keep reminding myself that this was a business venture, not a date. What he was doing to me made it easier for me to do what I was doing, too. Selling blowjobs wasn’t exactly what I came to college for. But, if they were all like this it wouldn’t be so bad after all. I took the head of his cock between my lips and I started running my tongue around and around it. I felt hem move my panties to the side and start rubbing directly on my pussy. “I said you could rub me through my panties, not without them” I said. “and I’m not charging you to do it, but I could”.

“How would you like to make an extra $50?” he asked me. I looked at him and said “What did you have in mind?”He smiled back and said “Let me rub your clit without the panties and I will give you another $50 when we are done”My brain was saying no, but my body was saying yes, so I agreed. “Are you sure you have the money on you? I can’t take checks.”He kept looking down at my pink pussy lips and said “No problem… I’ll just call my parents if I need more money this month.”I stood up right over his face to give him a good view, and slid my panties down and stepped out of them before returning to my kneeling position. 
He immediately started rolling my clit between two fingers, and I took his cock all the way into my mouth. I had only deep throated my boyfriend one time, and almost gagged on it, but I had to try it on this guy. I very slowly took it deeper and deeper in my mouth, breathing before taking it further. I think that’s what I did wrong last time….I went too fast…didn’t give myself a chance to get used to it. When I thought I was going to start gagging, I took it out of my mouth and he must have thought I was just fucking it with my mouth. Before long I had that huge thing in my mouth all the way to his balls! I was shocked that I was able to do that! Some of the girls in high school used to tell me that they could do that, but I thought they were just full of shit. I was turning out to be a good little whore after all. He was so rock hard by now and had this intense look in his eyes as he said “I know I said I would give you an extra $50, but how would you like to make another $100 on top of that?”Now I did gag. I wasn’t expecting him to say that at all. He completely caught me off guard but I knew he was very serious. That would make a total of $250, and I was enjoying it as much as he was!

My soft lips were trailing around the tip of his swollen cock head as I said “What do I have to do?”His hungry eyes looked down at me and he said “I need to slide my cock in your pussy….it isn’t enough just to play with it like this…it’s so wet and ready that it wouldn’t be right not to use it for what it is meant for.”Shit…now I have to tell him why I can’t do it….I really didn’t want him to know…who ever heard of a virgin whore? So I told him. “I told you that my pussy is off limits…that’s the only rule I have….I’m trying to save it for the right guy…you understand, don’t you? Can’t I do something else for you instead?” Needless to say he wasn’t understanding at all so he said “No way!!!!! You mean you are a virgin?” he said with disbelief….”You can suck a cock like that and you are still a VIRGIN?” I looked up at him and said “Yes….please understand that that’s the one thing I can’t do…for any amount of money.”So he tried to persuade me by offering me more money and said “How about an extra $200?”I started to get a serious look on my face and said “No, …. I can’t.” but my pussy was aching for him, and I knew how bad I needed the money….if he was serious about offering more money, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’m sure he couldn’t believe I was turning him down so he said “what about $300?”This guy just wasn’t going to take no for an answer and I was starting to get a little frustrated so I said “I CAN’T” He looked at me with this weird smile on his face and said “Everything has it’s price…we learned that in Economics class…..remember? How about $400?”I really wasn’t prepared for this…..that would make $550 all together…..
He was getting really close to my selling price and he knew it. So I said “Okay…’s this sound? For the extra $400, I’ll let you put the tip in, but THAT’S ALL! That way you can feel my pussy and get off on it, and, well…you know. But I want the money first.” I was starting to not trust him as much as I did at the beginning. And something told me I should not do this but the money was just clouding my better judgment. He smiled and said  “Deal…..I knew I could find your price if I tried hard enough.” He got up and took his wallet from his crumpled pants that were laying on the floor. It was almost as big as his cock….he wouldn’t be calling his parents for money any time soon. He counted out four one hundred dollar bills and a fifty, and the roll was just as big as it was before he started. “Wow….where did you get all that money?”“You would be better off not knowing the answer to that question…now why don’t you just lay back on the bed and let me get on top of you?”

I wanted to know, but first things first…..I had my money and now I had to produce the goods for him. I lay back and spread my sexy little legs for him to get on top of me. I felt the tip of his huge cock rubbing against my puffy pink virgin pussy lips, and he started to smack my clit with his cock head. I wanted him so bad and I’m sure he could tell by my dripping wetness, but maybe this would be enough for both of us. He gently started to push the tip against my pussy lips, and they opened for him. He was putting the tip in and taking it out, and it was driving me wild. I couldn’t control myself any more, I was so turned on and he felt so good that I started cumming. I could tell that he really enjoyed that I was cumming, and before I knew it he suddenly shoved it all the way inside, tearing me open. “NO!!!!! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!!!!! PULL IT OUT…IT’S TOO BIG…IT HURTS” I screamed but he would not even listen to me he just said “relax….it’s done now…no going back.” Was he serious? I mean the pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My tiny virgin pussy felt like his massive cock was just tearing my little insides open. The sharp pain was like a knife that ran all through my body. Tears started to flood from my eyes but I could tell that he was enjoying it just too much. 

And he started pumping in and out of me. This isn’t what I had in mind at all and I started to cry. I gripped my little hands on the sheets and couldn’t do anything but take that stabbing feeling that felt like a needle plunging in and out of my little lips. I was in control just a few minutes ago, and now he was on top of me fucking my pussy like some common street-walker. How did I allow this to happen? And how did he get past my radar? Was I that turned on and did I want him so bad that I couldn’t even see the warning signs? I thought he was an awkward guy and I was trying to be nice to him, and he did this to me…he turned into an animal…a sneaky, conniving animal, and I had let it happen…all these thoughts were racing through my head as this stranger fucked me like I was a worthless slut that had no feelings of her own. He just kept pumping and pushing his huge dick in me and I tried to push him off of me but he had me pinned down and I had no way of getting away from him. And my tight pussy lips were trying to push his cock out of me too but his force was just too strong.  In a few minutes I realized that I had bigger things to worry about as he shot his load deep inside me. I hadn’t even thought about condoms or the pill or anything because I was only planning on giving him a blowjob. Finally he pulled out of me, and he had the balls to clean himself off with my panties. “Here….you can keep these as a souvenir of your first time.” I looked up and thought “what the fuck!?” With that, he gathered up his clothes and left my bedroom. He must have gotten dressed in the living room and left, because I just lay there for a while and when I got up he was gone. But, I had $550 that I didn’t have that morning, and the phone was ringing again. I had two more appointments that night, but neither was as eventful or memorable as the first.

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Coed Phone Sex
Forced Phone Sex


Secretly Seducing My BFF'S Boyfriend

I’m your girl friends best friend and have been for a few years now. We went to high school together and you hired us as your interns a few months ago. Today I needed to take care of something so I asked her if she could work my shift for me. And since she owed me a favor she said yes it’s just too bad she had no idea what that was. We were such good friends that I had the keys to her apartment and I knew today would be the perfect time for me to make my move on her boyfriend. I have seen the way you look at me when you ask me to work late night hours in your office. And all those times we were alone and could feel the heat but could never do anything because “she” was around. So today I made sure it would be a day you never forget.

When you came in I was upstairs in your bedroom and hadn’t even heard you come in. I wasn’t expecting you to arrive as early as you did but your timing was actually perfect. When I came down the steps you looked up at me and saw me dressed in your girl friends lacy white teddy. It was see through and fit tight around my breast and you could kinda see through it. It was the kinda sexy slutty and revealing outfit that could make your cock so hard you would want to just rip it off. Under that I had on a matching pair of lacy panties, knee hi’s and strappy sandals. Your mouth dropped open and you walked up to me and said “Where is Becca?” I looked and smiled saying “Well she’s working my shift right now as a favor for me.” I made my way over to your couch and you couldn’t help but follow me. I turned around and walked over to you and said “So how do you like what I’m dressed in?” I turned around nice and slow giving you an eye full. You were speechless. I lightly brushed my body into yours and said “Wouldn’t you have to agree that I look much hotter than Becca?” You said “You shouldn’t be dressed in that outfit Kendal my girl friend would be very upset.” I laughed and said “Really? Because we are best friends and they should share everything don’t you think? But if you really want me to take it off I can do that.” You looked at me and said “I don’t know if that would be such a good idea what if she walks in on us?” I said “You don’t have to worry about that I told you already.” I took my hands and started touching myself as I started to rub my body against yours again.” You whispered out and said “No I want you to stop Kendal. I’m very happy with my girl friend. “ I said ‘yeah right if you were so happy you would not be undressing me with your eyes and your dick would not be hard in your pants. And if you really wanna know the truth, I know you haven’t looked at her the way you are at me in a little while now.” I took you by the hand and said “I have something to show you J.” And we made our way into your bedroom upstairs.

When we got there you stood right in front of me and I said “Since you want me out of her clothes let me undress right now.” I started to slide out of her teddy I was wearing and seducing and being flirty at the same time. You kept looking at my tits as it slid off and looking at the pretty lacy panties that showed off a glimpse of my bald pussy lips. And then you walked into me. I said “Do you wanna touch them? I promise I wont tell her. And I REEEEEALLY wanna feel your hands on them too.“ I took my hand and started to run it down the front of your body. I stopped when I made it at the huge bulge in your pants. I said “A sexy man like you should never have to want for aaaaaaaaaaaanything. And I’m just the one to make sure you get exactly what you want.” Your finger tips trailed across my breasts and made their way to my hardening nipples. I started to moan out as I could feel my panties getting wetter by the second. We leaned into each other looking into one anothers eyes and shared a deep hot kiss. My body started to tingle all over as your hands started to squeeze and cuff my tits. My soft hand was stroking up and down your cock as I got down on my knees, I looked up at you and said “Your girl friend is a very good cock sucker but I’m even better. And I’m sure you would like to compare the two of us wouldn’t you?” You looked down smiling saying “Shut up and suck it baby. It’s dripping pre cum for you right now.” Your dick was my favorite cream cicle and I was about to suck it like it’s never been sucked before. I started to lick it up and down your shaft nice and slow. I opened up my mouth and started to push it in deep. I could feel it pulsate as I took it in further and further. I slurped and sucked moving my soft lips up and down your shaft. My soft hands were caressing your balls in my other hand and took it in so deep I gagged on it. When I did that you said “Oh baby you suck my cock so goooood.” I stared to move my mouth up and down faster and faster.
My head bobbed and my eyes started to water. And your pre cum was dripping down my throat and tasted soooooo yummie. I lifted my mouth up and by now you were so heated up all you could think about was fucking me in your girl friends bed. We climbed on top with you right over me. You extended my sexy legs straight up in the air and opened them and placed my feet on your shoulders. I could feel your stiff dick head move up and down my dripping wet bald pussy lips and your hands took my tits and started to squeeze and push them together. I looked up at you and said “go ahead baby and fuck this pussy. It’s allllll yours. Feel how much tighter and wetter it gets for you then Becca’s.” You took one hard push and started to spread my cunt lips open. You moved in and out plunging yourself deep inside of me. You could feel how tight I squeezed these lips around your long hard shaft and the way that I grinded into you. I looked up at you smiling saying “You like a fucking slut don’t you? Someone who’s going to make that dick feel good. Someone who will give you every single one of her tight fuck holes. You know you can have them too.” I begged you not to stop and could feel you throbbing deep inside of me. You said “I can’t believe we are fucking on my girl friends bed Kendal.” I said “Please don’t stop.” You moaned and said “I’m not going to stop until my fucking hot cum is all down your throat.” Fast hard deep and forceful is just the way I liked it. Making me your secret slut and giving you everything you wanted. You looked down at me and said “Beg for me cum Kendal.” I said “Please I’m so thirsty. Let me suck that dick off and feed me your load!”You slid that massive dick out of my hot warm pussy and walked over to the side of the bed and slid it in my mouth. I laid there looking up as you pumped and fucked my mouth in and out. I moaned and touched myself and said “I’m your cock loving slut I want your cum so bad baby can I please have it now?” And then you slid that pole out and started to spray it all over my face. Just watching me lick and drink every last drop down for you… MMMM the naughty things we did that day that my best friend will never know about…It makes me hot every time I think of how much you want me instead of her…I just love secrets don’t you? *giggles*



Cum To My Nawty Cheerleader Practice

I just can’t wait for classes to start back up again so I can see all the sexy guys and college professors. I just love to wear my cute little school girl outfits because I know it drives them wild. But something that drives them even wilder is when they see me trying out for cheerleader phone sex practice. Just imagine you being my coach and I’m in the gym with my cute little skirt on with my bikini top. You see my hair in those cute little pig tails and see the way that I smile and flirt with you. But what you can’t wait to see is when I do those kicks and jumps in the air. All you can think about is “I wonder what kind of little panties she’s wearing under that skirt?” But being the cock tease that I am you know at first I’m going to just give you a tiny glimpse of them. But what if I was really naughty and pulled them to the side and flashed my pretty little pussy to you? MMMM you know how much I love being a cock tease.

And then you see my breasts as the jiggle and all you want to do is start stroking your big hard cock. You get all those hot heated horny thoughts because you see me twirl around and bend over. And as soon as my skirt flies up there is my firm little panty covered ass. I look back at you and think “Look at my instructor with that look on his face. I bet he would give anything to get me back in his office and slide my little panties down.” Most of the guys get really hard when they think of a sexy girls pink pussy and how it looks once she wiggles her little hips and ass out of her pretty little panties. All I can think about is how I want to be alone with you so I can seduce you and get you so turned on that you can’t think of anything else. I would start off by standing in front of you and giving you a flirty smile and say “I am so happy you brought me here so we could be alone.” And then I start confessing my naughty secrets that I have about you. You can see my suggestive ways and my soft little hands as they are running across my tight little body. 

I start to slowly undo my bikini top so I can show off my firm tits to you. And your mouth drops when you see my firm perky tits. You smile as your eyes are fixated on my breasts and you can’t help but notice how hard my nipples are. I take my other hand and start toying with my little skirt because I want you to see what kind of panties I’m wearing under it. I look down and see the bulge growing in your pants as I walk up closer to you and lightly brush my little body against yours. I look into your eyes as I turn around and start to grind my tight little ass into your cock. I’ve got your full attention by now and you know it’s wrong because I’m your student and we should not be doing this. Not to mention you are a married man. You try to resist but the temptation just grows more and more. Before I know it you are sitting on your chair and I say “All I want to do is crawl on top of your lap and feel your big hard cock press in against my pussy lips.” I start to moan out your name as you grab me and pull me on top of your lap. You take your big strong hands and start to lift up my little skirt as I’m facing you and straddling your hips. By now I’ve gotten your pants pulled down and your big hard cock is throbbing and dripping pre cum. You can feel my smooth sexy legs and thighs as they are moving across yours. There is so much lust between us right now all you can think about doing is feeling these sweet little pussy lips wrapped around your cock. You pull my little panties down and say “Kendal I have to have you right now. You are such a sexy lil girl and you drive me so wild. I know I shouldn’t fantasize about you but my wife does not give me what I want.” I look into your eyes moaning out your name again and say “Well I am here and I’m going to give you everything that you want.” 

I lean my little body into yours and you cuff my tits in your hands and feel my tight wet pussy lips start to lower down on the tip of your mushroom cock head. I start to take more and more inside of me and you can feel me grinding as I’m slowly moving up and down your shaft. “MMMMM you feel so good inside of me. Please don’t stop fucking me” I say as I start to move up and down a little faster. Your hands move from my breasts down to the sides of my rip cage and before I know it you are gripping my little ass cheeks. You start to thrust in and out of my sweetness as I lean back and feel your thrusts even deeper. My pretty little feet and toes curl as my moans turn more intense. I can feel you throbbing as I start to bounce faster on your dick. You are looking for that naughty slut to come out to play. And before you know it there I am exposing that other side to you. I slide my tongue into your mouth and say “Fuck this little cunt please. Make me your slut.” And you can feel my tongue dance around yours. Then you hear me say “I’ve never had a big fat fucking cock stretch me open like yours does. Please give me more!” My tits are bouncing up and down as my little hips are moving in circles. You can feel my dripping wet pussy lips squeeze your shaft tighter and tighter. You know this naughty slut is going to make your dick feel so good that you won’t be able to hold back your cum much longer. You moan out and say “Give me that fucking pussy Kendal.” I smile and say “It’s all yours take it! You can have whatever you want as long as you just pleeeeeease give me all of your cum.” You know that I’m a cum loving slut who will be as naughty and slutty as you want me to be. I wanna milk your cock until there is no cum left and make you explode so hard that all you will do is just blow your thick load inside of my tight teen pussy. 

Are you ready to call me in to your office today and have one of the hottest role play phone sex calls you've ever had? I am soooooo ready to be your naughty lil student and have you coach me *giggles*

Flirty, Seductive, Phone Sex


Naughty Uncle Was My Pervy Babysitter

Every time I think back to when I was a little girl and the naughty forbidden phone sex things my uncle did to me it makes me sooooo mad! My mom and dad had to go out of town for a few days, and they wouldn’t let me babysit my little sister. I was big girl and they should have trusted me to look after her. I was almost 10 years old but they treated me like a baby… geez!  My mom said that they couldn’t leave a 9 1/2 year old girl alone to watch a 4 year old so my uncle had to stay here with us and I really didn’t want him too cause I HATE HIM! He was always looking at me funny, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Every time I told her that I get this creepy feeling she just said “Oh Kendal you are just imagining things.” Yeah, right… like I really didn’t know what I was talking about.

So anyway, they left in the morning and he came by with the same look he always has on his face. And I swear all day long I tried to stay away from him and for most of the day it worked. But at dinner time I had no choice. I hardly ate anything because he was staring at me. His eyes kept running across my little body. And it was almost like he was trying to imagine what I looked like under my little top and skirt. And he also had his hand under the table that kept moving up and down real slow. It was like he was rubbing himself through his pants OMG what a pervy! Then after dinner he made me sit at the table and do my homework instead of taking it up to my room like I usually did. I really wanted to just go upstairs and be to myself and study and listen to music like I always did, but since he is my uncle I had to do what he told me. And besides I didn’t want him running back to my mommy and daddy telling them that I was misbehaving. I couldn’t even think about my school work though cause I could feel him staring at me while I tried to do my math. And when I turned around sure enough he was looking right at me with this weird pervy look on his face. It still gives me the creeps when I think about him standing there smiling at me. He walked up to me and said “Kendal do you need any help with your home work? I said “UMMMMM no I don’t. I am just about finished.” The last thing I wanted was him pulling up a chair sitting right next to me! Then he said “Okay well it’s time for your sister to take a bath and get ready for bed anyway. So I’m going to go up there and bathe her myself.” I looked at him and thought “Oh my god you don’t need to be up there doing that with my little sister and seeing her naked little body! I should be the one doing it.” He didn’t have any business being anywhere near her! But there was no way I could stop him. He just took her upstairs and got her out of her little clothes and into the tub. I made sure to get up from the table though so I could make sure he wasn’t going to do anything else but wash her off.

 But he wasn’t standing for that cause when he saw me watching he got mad and closed the door in my face. I can’t believe that! Why couldn’t I see? It was like he was trying to hide something or do something he wasn’t supposed to be doing! I bet he was but my little sister wouldn’t know. She was just a little girl. So I sat by the bathroom door and listened just to make sure that he didn’t hurt her, but I guess everything was all right because she didn’t cry or anything. After he got finished drying off her little body he took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and put her into her jammies and she went to bed. I thought he was going to go to bed, too, so I went downstairs to finish my homework. He must have been real quiet when he came downstairs, because I didn’t hear him at all. What a sneak he is. I just felt him looking at me again and when I turned around he was right there. He said it was my turn for a bath now. WTF! NO WAY!!! I’m a BIG girl and the last person I need is him washing my little body off. Get real! Besides that bulge in his pants didn’t really make me feel all that good anyway. I looked at him and said “Uncle, I can take my OWN bath I’m big enough now so thanks anyway.” I could tell he wasn’t going to accept that though by the look on his face. I ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door behind me. NO WAY was I going to let him see me without my clothes on…not with the way he was looking at me. I filled the tub and even put extra bubbles in it. I just love the way they feel and I also like to play with them and blow them all around. My mom doesn’t let me do that because she says that it is a waste of soap, but I don’t care. If she was going to make me stay with HIM at least I can have extra bubbles and have some fun too. 

 So FINALLY I was away from him. I took off my little top and laid it on the floor. Then I made my way down to my cute little pink skirt and wiggled my hips out of it. I had on my favorite cute lil pink panties on so I slid those off with my little ankle socks and sneakers too. I just know if my uncle saw me getting undressed he would have tried to do something naughty to me. I was completely naked now. I looked and made sure that the door was locked so he couldn’t stand there staring at me like a naughty uncle. I would have stayed in there all night if I could have just to be away from him. As I laid back in all those bubbles washing off really good I heard the door open and he walked in! I KNOW I locked it so how did he get in?! I NEVER would have left it unlocked with HIM in the house! I found out later that he did something to the lock so I only THOUGHT it was locked. I should have known he would do something sneaky like that. And he had taken most of his clothes off before he came in so he was only wearing his boxer shorts! I looked up at him and it was a good thing that I had those extra bubbles because I didn’t want him to see me naked. I laid there with my arms covering up saying  “what are you doing in here? GET OUT because I’m a big girl and you are not supposed to see me in the tub like this!”  But he just stood there and laughed and said that I’m still a little girl and that he has to help me take a bath. I said “How come you took your clothes off?” and he said that he didn’t want to get them wet while he was helping me. But I knew that wasn’t true. He must have thought I was dumb or something. I told him that I didn’t NEED his help so he could just turn around and leave, but he wouldn’t go. He said “Look, you didn’t wash the back of your neck. It’s filthy.” I said “I just didn’t get to it yet…GET OUT!!!” Instead of leaving, he took a washcloth and started scrubbing the back of my neck like I was a frying pan or something. Then he grabbed the back of my head and turned me to face him, and his thingy was sticking out of his boxers! 

 OMG what was he going to do with that! It was so long and hard and REALLY big and gross looking. EWWWWWW!  He looked down at me with his hand wrapped around it stroking just looking at my naked little body and said “This is what you do to me Kendal now suck it! Then he just started pushing it into my mouth! “Uggh!!! What are you doing? I don’t wanna suck your thingy… that’s wrong!” But I shouldn’t have said anything because as soon as I opened my mouth he stuck it in as far as it would go. I could barely open up wide enough because it was so fat and meaty. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat and I started to choke on it. He told me to relax and just suck on it like a popsicle and he started to slide it in and out of my mouth. I looked up and thought “popsicle… are you kidding me??? You are GROSS!!! I never had a popsicle like that before.” He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved my mouth down on it and made me make those slurping noises. My head bobbed up and down as he started pumping his thingy down my throat even deeper. My eyes started to water up because I couldn’t help but gag all over it. And he made these grunting moaning noises like he was really getting off on it too! Before I knew it this thick gooey stuff started squirting out of his thingy into my mouth. I wanted to spit it out because it was so yucky but he said that I had to swallow it all. He said that this is what big girls do, and if I wanted to be a big girl I had to do it, too. I didn’t believe him, but he still had his thingy in my mouth and I couldn’t spit it out so I swallowed it. GROSS!!!!. I’ve never tasted anything so nasty before. Then he took it out of my mouth and cleaned it up with the washcloth and told me to dry off and get ready for bed. I grabbed a towel and ran to my bedroom still dripping. He stood there watching me with his eyes running up and down my body. I thought he was going to leave me alone and let me go to bed, but he followed me into my bedroom and he wasn’t even wearing his boxers anymore and his thingy was pointing up in the air!

 “NOW what so you want? Haven’t you done enough to me already? And what would my parents think if they knew what you made me do” He pushed me down onto my bed laughing and said “This will be our secret Kendal. I can bet you that because if I tell your parents how much of a brat you were then they would not be happy. Besides, I’m not done with you yet.” Then he climbed on top of me and pinned me down. I tried to struggle and get away but he was just much too strong for me to move anywhere. I felt his thingy pushing against my pee hole. I said “NO!!! STOP!!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT I’M YOUR LITTLE NIECE!!” but he just kept pushing the tip of it against my pee hole and forcing it inside. I was so scared and it hurt so bad I started to cry but he didn’t seem to notice or care. He just kept pushing until it ripped into me and he was able to push it all the way in. I couldn’t believe what he was doing to me! My own uncle took my virginity away and popped my little cherry. I squirmed all over the bed and my little cunny lips tried to push his huge penis out. But every time I did that he just forced it in deeper and made me take it. I looked up at him saying “Please stop Uncle it’s too big and it hurts! I’m sorry for being a little brat to you.” He looked down and said “No you are not!” And he just started grunting and saying how good it felt but it didn’t feel very good to me. He pushed his body down against mine and pinned my arms to the bed and started holding his penis deep inside of me. He got this weird pervy look on his face and said “here comes my gooey cream Kendal!” Then he squirted so much of that stuff inside me that it started leaking out of me and dripped all over my sheets. Finally he took it out of me and stood up. He cleaned himself off with the towel that I had carried in from the bathroom and just walked out of my room without saying a word. He did look back at me and put his finger up to his mouth and said “Shhhhhhh” and closed the door behind him. I just lay there thinking “He’s going to be here for two more days and I don’t know when he is going to walk in on me again, or what he is going to do. I only have one hole left that he didn’t stick his thingy in…….you don’t think he would put it in my bum, do you? 

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The Naughty Forbidden Shopping Spree

When you called me you were in the mood for one of my favorite kind of role play phone sex fantasies. I heard a knock on the door and when you came over tonight you were suppose to be going out on a date with my mom but she was still not home. You stood there not able to take your eyes off of me and said “Hi Kendal I had a date with your mom tonight.” I looked back at you and said “Well she is working a double shift and wont be back in until tomorrow morning.” But by the expression on your face I had an idea that you already knew that. You asked me if you could come in for a while and since we were not strangers I didn’t think anything of it. I invited you into the living room where you had a seat on the couch. You smiled and said “That really is a cute outfit you are wearing tonight Kendal.” I said “Thank you I just bought this a long with a lot of other cute outfits.” You said “Oh? What do the others look like?” I said “Well they are short little skirts and tight fitting tops. I even got some pretty little panties and other stuff too.” You started to move to the edge of the couch and said “you like shopping don’t you Kendal?” I giggled and said “Well yeah I do. What girl doesn’t like shopping? I’ve even taken on a summer job to get some extra money.” You got this devious look on your face and said “Extra money huh? Well I can think of a way that you can earn some.” I said “Really how is that?” You said “Well I probably shouldn’t say because you are my girl friends lil girl so if she found out she wouldn’t be very happy.” By this time all I could think about was making some extra cash and wasn’t even thinking about my mom. Besides you were a very sexy older man and every time you came around I always had these thoughts that I knew I shouldn’t be having. I took my finger and started to toy with the bottom part of my top and said “Well we can keep it a secret from her. I promise I won’t say a word.” You started to moan out and said “Oh Kendal you always have been so sexy and every time I think about seeing your little body exposed my dick gets so hard.”

So you came out with your wallet and opened it up and sat there looking up at me and said “Here is $5 I’m sure you could use this to get a pretty little bra. Let me see what kind you are wearing right now. So I took the money and started to slowly lift up my top for you. I exposed my breasts and you could see my puffy perky nipples. Your eyes got big and said “Kendal you aren’t wearing a bra!” I said “Yeah I know *giggles* I forgot to tell you that I didn’t have one on.” You got this intense smile and said “No you didn’t you knew you didn’t have one on.” I kept my top up and you said “I’ve always wanted to touch those tits of yours.” And then you got up and placed your hands on them and squeezed them gently. I could see the bulge in your pants growing as you stood there trailing your finger tips around my nipples. Then you said “Are you wearing any panties baby?” I said “Well there is only one way to find out.” You said “OHHHHH fuck I need to find out.” So you reached into your wallet and came out with more money. You handed it to me and I stepped back from you and started to slowly lift up my skirt and show off my pretty little panties to you. Your eyes looked like they were ready to pop out because you could see my pussy lips push against them. And they were really wet too by the way you were playing with my breasts. You reached out your hand and said “they look so fucking soft I want to touch them so bad.” I looked into your eyes and said “you want to touch these pretty little panties don’t you. And I bet more then anything you would like to slide your hands down in them and feel this tight pink pussy don’t you?” You said “yes I do. I want more then that too. My cock is so hard right now all I can think about doing is ripping them off and feeling you climb on top and ride me. But I know we shouldn’t be doing this because I’m dating your mom.”

I said “yes you are and she has no idea that you like her little girl. She has no idea how much you want to fuck my sweet young pussy. And if she had any clue that I wanted to feel your dick sliding in my wet cunt she would be really pissed.” You took your hands and started to run them across my panties. And then said “You have no clue of what I want to do with you right now. And even though it’s wrong she’s just a prude when it comes to giving me what I want.” I took my little hands and started to unbutton your pants. I said “Well you know I’ll give you exactly what you want if you give me what I want in return. And that’s not only more money for a sexy new outfit from the mall but that’s your big fat dick in my tiny little fuck hole. Just think about how it would feel stretching my tiny box open. Me on top of you pushing it down across the tip of your fat mushroom head. My legs started to part open more as I started to slowly slide your pants down. “Oh fuck your cock is so big!” I wrapped my soft little hand around it and started stroking it up and down. You couldn’t resist taking your finger and slid my panties to the side to take a feel of my bare pussy lips. You slid your finger up and down the outer edges and slowly started to push it in. My hand was pumping your cock and I looked at you saying “MMMM Just imagine if that was your cock pushing in me.” Then I reached into you and pushed my lips against yours. You could feel my tongue sliding inside of your mouth as I took the tip of your cock head and ran it up and down my pussy lips. I started to lift up your top and pressed my bare breasts against your chest and you pulled away and grabbed your walled and said “Baby take this. It’s $100 I want your pussy down on my dick so bad it’s dripping pre cum right now.” I took the money and you pulled me onto you as you sat down on the couch.

My little panties were still pushed to the side as I moved the outer edges of my wet lips back and forth the tip of your cock head. I loved to tease you and drive you so far to the edge you were ready to bust. You took your hands and placed them on my thighs and started to push me down on your dick. I started to ride your dick and could feel your huge massive cock fill me up. I said “Oh please fuck this dripping wet pussy I’ve wanted you for so long now!” You could feel me start to bounce faster and take it in deeper. Your balls filled with cum were slapping against my little ass. And my tits were bouncing in your face as you started to ram me even deeper. You reached in and started to suck on my nipples and heard me say “My sweet kitty feels soooooooooo much better then my moms doesn’t it? I bet her’s doesn’t get as wet as mine does either. You know you can do any naughty, kinky, dirty thing with me that you want too also. Just make me your submissive little play slut.” I gripped my pussy lips even tighter around your shaft and you could feel my insides start to clutch and squeeze and grip a lot tighter. My body started to tremble all over as you said “Oh yes baby cum all over this cock I wanna cum with you. Do you want this fucking hot load shot deep in that wet pussy?” As my tight walls started to release all that creamy cum on your cock shaft I said “Oh yes please shoot that hot load in me. Please baby I want to feel you make me your cum whore.” You pressed me down into you and said “Take all this jizz baby it’s yours!!!” MMMM it was so warm and felt so fucking good. I locked my cunt lips around your dick and squeezed every last drop out of you. You looked up at me and said “that’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.” I smiled and said “I cant think of a hotter way to earn extra money for shopping.” *giggles*” I can’t wait to earn more so I can go out shopping again. My mom has no idea of how much of a phone sex slut I am. And she never will either! Besides some things are better when they are left a secret *giggles*

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