Incest Phone Sex With Daddy

Incest phone sex is one of my favorite kinda calls. Especially if it means I get to be daddy’s special little girl. The way he looks at me when I’m dressed in something that I know will get his attention. Today I was wearing one of my favorite little outfits. My baby blue skirt and white low cut tops with some soft white panties under it. I looked at him as he smiled and said “Do you like this daddy?” He sat back on the couch and said “Oh yes I do very much baby. Can you model it for me? I’d like to see you walk around.” I giggled and said “Okay I’ll show it off for you.” I slowly walked from one side of the living room to the other. Swaying my little hips back and forth as my skirt moved with it. I turned around with my back facing him and bent over so he could see up my little skirt. Then I slowly stood back up and turned around and faced him. I said “Do you think this skirt is too short daddy?” He said “Well come closer to me so I can take a really good look.” I could see something growing in his pants. I could tell by the look on his face he was really getting excited. He reached his hands out to me and started to touch my skirt. I looked down at him as he started to inch it up slowly. I said “Oh daddy you think it needs to be shorter!” He said “Oh yes I do.” He lifted it about three inches and more of my sexy little legs were showing now and he said “This is perfect baby.” I knew what we were doing was very wrong but I could not help myself I wanted to feel his touch so bad. Then he took his hands and put them on the side of my hips and said “I think this skirt would look better off of you..” I said “K daddy I think you are right.” I started to wiggle my little hips back and forth as he slid it down my little legs. I stepped out of it for him and he said “OHHHH look at those pretty little white panties of yours. “ I said “I wore these especially for you because I know how much you like them. “ Then he said “You always go around the house dressed in these cute little skirts and tight fitting tops knowing what that does to me. I always get so hard and have these pedo phone sex thoughts that I shouldn’t be having.” I smiled and said “I know but I like to tease you.

I like it when you stroke your cock thinking about how I purposely do these naughty things.” He took his hands and started to lower my little panties. I moved my bottom back and forth and slightly parted my legs. He said “I want to taste your little pussy lips Kendal. I can’t fight this any longer.” I said “Oh please daddy I want you to taste how sweet they are.” He took his tongue and started to gently move up and down my bare cunnie. He said “They are so smooth and soft. So pink and pretty.” Then he made his way up to my clitty. He moved in a circular motion. My body quivered and shuddered all over. I have never anyone make me feel the way daddy did right at that moment. I found myself spreading my legs open wider for him. He trailed his way down to my lips again and started to slowly slide inside of me. Looking up at me saying “It tastes incredible and it feels so tight.” He slid all the way in and all the way out. I ran my finger through his hair as he started moving faster and faster. I felt like I wanted to cum so bad but I had to save it. He grabbed my little ass and pulled me into him deeper and plunged deeper. The bulge in his pants stuck straight up. He slid out and said “I want you to lay down on the couch and kiss me Kendal.” He laid me back and crawled between my little naked body. He pressed into me and I could feel his lips press against mine. He said “Oh I need to feel your tongue against mine.” I moaned out saying “Yes daddy I want you to tongue kiss me deeply.” I moved my body from side to side. Before I knew it he had his pants off and I could feel his cock pressing in against the outer edges of my puffy wet lips. He started to move his lips down and lick and suck on my nipples. He said “I just love it when they get so hard for me. I have seen them so many times the way they press against your tops. “ I smiled naughtily saying “Every time I think of the things you could do to me they do that. They get so hard and before I know it my little panties are soaking wet.“ He said “MMMMM I bet they do. I have seen you grow up over the years and watch your body develop and now I am going to make you all mine.“ I looked up and said “Take me daddy I’m all yours. I belong to you.”

He started to push the tip of his cock head inside of me and said “I want you to have my baby Kendal is that wrong?” I said “No it’s not daddy please let me have your baby.” He gave a very intense moan out and I could feel him push more of his cock inside of me. I said “Oh daddy yes stretch my tiny hole open I want you so bad!” He slid all the way in and just held his cock right there. He let his full balls rest against my ass and he could feel the way my pussy lips locked and squeezed around him. I wrapped my little legs around daddy’s waist and could feel him grind in circles. His cock really had to push to open my tiny lips open. He went in and out and while he was pumping and sliding he took his hands and started to play with my tits. He moved his finger tips around my hard nipples. Then he said “Oh baby I can feel your pussy getting even wetter for daddy!” I started to push into his cock and feel more inside of me. That just made him pump me even harder and faster. I looked up and said “Please fuck my little girl pussy daddy! You make it so wet and you feel so good inside of me.” He said “I’m going to fuck that pussy really good Kendal! It’s so tight and the way that it chokes my dick makes me go crazy!” Then I could feel my little body start to shake and quiver. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. My pink lips started to get even tighter around daddy’s cock. He looked down at me and said “Oh baby you are going to cum aren’t you? Do it all over my dick….” I could not control it. It made me push his cock right out of me because my little pussy muscles squeezed so tight. And then that’s when a wave shot through me and he pushed back inside and I cum all over him. Moaning out “Yes daddy it feels so good!” And he pushed deeply inside of me just pinning me down and the next thing I could feel was his sticky hot cum shoot inside of me. I looked up and said “You know I have always been a tease with the boys at school but I always wanted to save myself for you daddy.” He smiled at me and said “I know baby and I can’t wait to be with you again very soon and have more taboo phone sex with you.”
Sweet Kisses Daddy,

My Favorite Teacher Teaches Me Cumculus

school girl phone sex fantasies are one of my most favorite kinda calls. I was his sixteen year old student and he was one of my favorite teachers. But he knew the last thing I want to be doing is in class was listening to a lecture on calculus. I would rather him teach me something called cumculus. Not to mention also spending my time in the boys locker room on my knees having some fun with my phys ed teacher. He just loves seeing the way that I come to school dressed in my cute little skirts and tight fitting tops. He knows I can get anything I want out of him when I bend over and show off my pretty little panties and ass. He always gets rock hard not knowing if I’m wearing any under my skirt. But he knows that I’m a very bad girl so most of the time I won’t. It’s almost like the fun that I have with my calculus teacher. He loves to keep me after school and discuss all of the reasons why I’m failing. What I would rather be doing is talking about all of the naughty things I could be doing to bring my grades up. And believe me they wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with figuring out equations. He always says “Kendal your mind wanders off so much what are you thinking about?” And I giggle and say “Well I was just thinking of new ways that I can get your mind to wander off.” Then I look into his eyes and say “Wouldn’t you rather have me teasing and being a flirt with you and a very bad girl then giving some stupid lecture?” And then I take my fingers and start to inch up my little skirt. By the reaction on his face I just know he wants to see what’s under it. I’ve caught him so many times looking at me when I’m sitting in the front of his class room with my sexy little legs open. He clears his throat every time he sees me taking my pencil to inch it up so I can give him a peek of my pretty little cotton panties. Today when he held me after I walked over to his desk and hopped on top of it. He said “What are you doing Kendal?” I said “I don’t want to sit at my seat so please don’t even think of telling me to go back over there.”

I could tell he wasn’t very happy about that. I looked up at him and said “Do you like my cute little outfit I’m wearing today Mr. Brooks?” He said “Well that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to keep you after. You know those little skirts are too short. I can almost see your panties under them!” I said “Oh come on now I’ve seen the way you look at me when I’m sitting in the front row. And lets not talk about the look you get on your face when I go to bend over. So just go ahead and admit that you like it when I wear revealing clothes like this.” He started to loosen the top of his collar and say “Yes okay I like it but that is not professional for me to say and I could get in trouble for admitting it.” I said “Well I won’t tell anyone. And another thing do you think I’m a pretty girl Mr. Brooks?” He said “You are extremely pretty.” Then he said “You know you are changing the subject and this kind of topic is not very appropriate for a student and teacher to be having.” I said “I understand but you seem like the kinda man who could give me a very good opinion. I decided to turn the heat up a notch so I started to slowly unbutton my top and I could see his eyes get bigger. I took my finger and ran it across my cleavage and he said “What are you doing Kendal!” I said “It’s getting very hot in here don’t you think?” His breathing started to get very heavy and face started to turn a bit red. I said “You like my tits don’t you?” He said “What do you mean Kendal??” I said “Well every since I started undoing this top you haven’t been able to take your eyes off of them. Do you want to touch them?” He didn’t say a word he just started to walk closer to me as I undid the rest of my buttons. I took my hands and started to squeeze and cup them. Then I started to slowly run my finger up to my mouth and slide it in and out. I said “Go ahead and feel them. They are very firm and perky.” He moved my hands and replaced them with his and started to moan out saying “Ohhhh I should not be doing this.” I said “I know you shouldn’t but you have wanted to for a very long time now.

In fact I believe that’s the only reason why you called me after class today isn’t it? And now all you can think about is how much you can’t stop.” Then I started to giggle and say “Go for it Mr. Brooks. I won’t tell anyone. I won’t even say anything to your wife.” He stepped into me and said "So you want me to teach you all the things there is to know about cumculus huh? Well here is my private lesson just for you." He started to press his lips against mine. He didn’t remove his hands from my tits either. He kept touching and squeezing them and then rolling his finger tips around my hard nipples. I took my hands to reach down and started to undo his pants. And then I lowered them and pulled his dick out of his shorts. He started kissing me deeper when I started stroking him. I said “You are such a pervert Mr. Brooks. And you know I’m a cock sucking tease who always gets what I want.” His dick started to throb for me. And the next thing I knew he had me off of his desk and down on my knees. He looked down at me and said “Suck this big hard rod Kendal you have it dripping pre cum you little slut.” I looked up and said “I can’t believe I’m about to suck my teachers dick right in his own office.” He started sliding his cock in my warm wet mouth. Face fucking me as my lips slid up and down his shaft. Feeling me slurp all over it taking it deeper and deeper inside. He moaned out and said “Take it all in I want to hear you gag on it baby.” He shoved it in ramming my throat faster. I started to choke and cough as he invaded me with his thrusts. His lust was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I felt like I unleashed a tamed animal who was ready to go out of control. But the way his cock was stretching my mouth open felt so fucking good. I sucked and licked on his cock and tea bagged his balls and showed him just how much of a hot cock sucking slut I really was. Then Mr. Brooks pulled me off of my knees and slid up my skirt and moved my creamy panties to the side. He took his hands and gave me four hard slaps to my ass and said “This is what you get for being such a naughty cock tease.” I said “Owie that really stings!”

And then I giggled again. He pushed me into his desk and said “Spread those fucking pink pussy lips of yours Kendal.” I reached behind me and opened them up for him and looked back in my bratty voice and said “Fuck this pussy Mr. Brooks I’ve been waiting on this moment for a long time.” He started running his dick head up and down my dripping wet lips making it even wetter then what it was before. And then I could feel him push his large cock head inside of me. I could feel him start to fuck me hard and fast in my tiny pussy lips. At first I moaned out so loud anyone passing by in the hallways could have heard me because I’ve never felt a cock so huge before. He looked at me and said “That’s what you get for being such a tease Kendal.” Then he started to thrust faster. His rod was so large and I could feel the way that it was stretching me open. I squeezed and choked his cock as he slid, pounded and rammed me. I could feel his full tight balls smack against my ass as I slid off and on of his big fat stick. Then he pulled out of me and sat down in his chair and pulled me on top of him. I lowered my quivering pussy lips down on him and started sliding up and down on his shaft. My tits were right in his face bouncing as I moaned out “Give me an A please Mr. Brooks!” Then I started grabbing tighter and nearly choked all the cum out of him. Driving him to the edge as he took his big strong hands and grabbed my hips and pulled and locked me down on him and said “Take this creamy load Kendal!” It was so thick and hot the way that it filled up my tiny pussy. And it felt so good inside of me. I slowly eased up off of his cock and he smacked my little ass and said “You earned you’ve earned you’re a for the semester. But if I find you failing again I’ll have you back in here and next time it wont be your little pussy lips getting stuffed.” I smiled and said “Am I dismissed now Mr. Brooks?” He said “Yes go now before I change my mind Kendal.” I think I’ll purposely start letting my grades fall so I can end up back in his class again after school.

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