Tempting My Smoking Hot Babysitter

My parents were going to be out of town for a few days and didn’t want to leave me in the house by myself because they knew I would get into too much mischief. And since I was under age my daddy called on his best friend “F” to come over and watch me while they were gone. It was at that moment I knew I was going to get one of the hottest babysitter phone sex calls I ever had. Not to mention he really trusted “F” and knew that he would be the person who would make sure I would not get into any trouble. But what my daddy didn’t realize is that I really had a secret thing for him. Not to mention he was a very naughty man just like my dad was. When he got there later that evening I was by myself. I was dressed in a cute little skirt and tight fitting top. I had on a matching little bra and panties under my clothes with some cute little shoes on. As soon as I was by myself I started going through my dads porn collection. And I had no idea that “F” had been left a key so he could just walk in without me knowing. So there I was sitting back on the couch with this dirty movie playing and it was making me feel tingly all over. And before I knew it I heard the door start to open. I didn’t have time to grab the remote and turn the television off. I got busted sitting there being a very bad girl. “F” said “Well Kendal it looks like your parents haven’t been gone for thirty minutes and here you are already doing something you shouldn’t be doing. I looked at him and smiled and said “yeah I know. But I like watching movies like this they make me feel really naughty things inside.” He walked over to me and said “Look at how you are dressed too! Do your parents know you go around like this?” *giggling* I said “Yes my daddy does. I always dress this way in front of him and he really likes it too!” I could not help but notice the way he was looking at me even though he was asking me those questions. Then I walked closer and said “If your wife knew you were looking at me like this I think she would be mad wouldn’t she?” He said “What are you talking about?” I said “Well I’ve seen you too together before and she doesn’t dress like I do. And I’ve also heard about the things that you guys do together.”
He cleared his throat and said “Who did you hear that from?” I said “Well it doesn’t really matter how I heard it. But I do know that you like sex a lot and you like sticking your cock in very tight places.” Then I told him how I heard about the way that she kisses him and the way that they touch each other and how much he likes getting his dick sucked and deep throated. Then I said “I heard she was a bit of a prude and doesn’t give you what you want.” I sighed and said “It’s too bad too because a man like you deserves a girl who will give you exactly what you want.” I started to walk in closer to him and glanced over at the porn on the television and said “Like that girl right there, see how she’s on her knees sucking his cock? And look at the way she’s deep throating it and talking like a slut. And he looks like he’s really enjoying it too.” He started to look over at it and then looked back at me and I gave him this really naughty smile and said “I’m a lot like her. And I would make you feel soooooo good and my tiny holes would make your cock want to explode.” He said “Kendal! You should not be talking this way you know! What if your parents found out? Not to mention you are not even eighteen yet!” I was standing so close to him and started to brush my little body against his and said “Well you won’t tell them will you? In fact I’ve seen how you look at me. I’ve caught you getting peeps while I go to bend over and when I come out of my bedroom half dressed. “ Then I looked down and couldn’t help but notice the really big bulge in his pants and said “Look at how hard you are right now. If it wasn’t true your dick would not look like it’s ready to pop out of your pants now would it?” I said ‘Don’t you want me? I mean it’s the perfect time. My parents are gone your wife is not here and it’s just you and me.” I could see the way I was breaking down his resistance and before I knew it he said “Fuck Kendal yes I do want you! I’ve wanted to have you for a long time now.” He took his hands and grabbed me and pulled me into him. I took my little hands and started to run them down his chest. He could feel my firm tits press in against him as I made my way down between his legs.
I started to stroke his dick through his pants and said “I know Mr. Johnson wants to come out and play doesn’t he? Especially if you knew how wet my little panties are right now.” Then I started to lift up my skirt and exposed them to him. His cock got even harder! I could hear his breathing grow more intense. And then his cell phone rang. He took it out of his pocked and said “Oh shit it’s my wife!” I started to slide my soft little hand down in his pants and wrapped it around his throbbing cock. I looked into his eyes and said “you really don’t want to talk to her do you?” So he turned it on silent and said “Take my pants off baby I want you to see how big my dick is for you now.” I undid his button and slid them down and out came his huge nine inch cock. Oh my god it was so long, thick and hard. He said “stroke this big dick baby girl jack me and edge me to cumming. I got down on my knees and sucked it and licked it just a lil bit so I could make it really slippery. I looked up at him as I started to slurp and make my way up and down his big shaft. I even started to deep throat it and just wanted to tease him a bit. He could feel the warmth of my wet mouth moving up and down as he started to pump and fuck my mouth faster and deeper. Then I moved my lips off of his cock and slowly stood up as I said “there now it’s nice and wet and I started to stroke it for him. I glided my hand up and down from the tip of his wet mushroom head all the way down to the base of his shaft. I gently squeezed it as he took his hand and opened up my little legs and started to touch my creamy little panties. I started to moan out as he teased my tight pink pussy lips through them. Then he moved them to the side and began running his finger up and down my slit. I was so wet I could not believe it. I could tell he was close to the edge because I could feel his body trembling. Mine was too as I looked into his eyes and said “My bare tight pussy wants your dick so bad right now.” He grabbed me and took me over to the couch and ripped all my clothes off and sat down and pulled me on top of him. His cock was sticking straight up and he said “Kendal you have me so fucking hard right now I’m going to fuck you!”
He turned into this wild animal and it made my heart race. I was a little scared and wanted to get away but his grip was very tight and I could not go anywhere. He looked at me and said “do you think you are going anywhere? You have me so fucking hard right now I’m ready to pop!” He pushed me down on his cock and I wiggled and squirmed but he was much too strong. He forced me down onto the tip of his cock head and then I could feel this sharp thrust start to stretch open my tiny pussy lips. He had me by my thighs and fed me more and more until he had his cock all the way inside of me. He could feel my lips squeeze and grab around his shaft and I looked back at him and said “I’m sorry for trying to get away I promise I’ll be a good slut for you.” We were both looking at the porn and my little cunt got wetter by the second. He thrust and pumped and rammed me full of his huge cock. And I started to ride him and could feel his full balls slapping against my bare skin. And then I could feel him taking his finger and run it against my rose bud. He said “OMG you have a tiny little ass hole Kendal! I should be fucking that and teaching you a lesson you would never forget for being such a cock tease to me.” He pulled me up off of him and turned me around facing him and pulled me back down on his dick. I started to grind down on him. I looked into his eyes and said “This is how you always need to be getting fucked “F” You need a little whore like me to give you exactly what you want. You need a pleasing slut who will never say no and be just as naughty, dirty, and kinky as you are. And I’m just the one who can give it to you.” My tits were bouncing in his face and he grabbed me and pulled me into him saying “Oh fuck yes Kendal you are going to make this dick cum!” He pulled my lips into his and started to kiss me and tongue me and the next thing I felt was his sticky gooey cum shooting deep in my cunt. I squeezed and grabbed his cock with my little walls and drained him dry. He looked at me and said “Did you learn your lesson little girl?” I giggled and said “No I don’t think I have. I think later you should teach me another one. I just know when I least expect it he will give me a good reminder of what happens to teasing little sluts. He may just come into my bedroom late at night and give me something I never forget.

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Mr. Officer Gives A Unforgettable Punishment

I really have to share a very unforgettable call where a very sexy man wanted a submissive phone sex experience. This past weekend I was on my way to my friend’s house and it was last in the evening. I was running just a little behind schedule because of the traffic and weather conditions so I didn’t want to keep him waiting much longer. He lived out on a country road and just as I was about to take the turn to get to his house I heard the highway patrol pull up behind me. I admit I was driving a bit fast but you know on some of those country roads there are no signs for speeding so I thought it was okay to go a little fast. I was dressed incredibly short pair of boy shorts and a fishnet top that had a tight fitting halter top under that. I have to admit what I had on was very revealing. The officer followed me all the way over to my friends house and when I got there I noticed that no one was home. But I did have a key so I thought I would be able to hurry and get in the house before I got into big trouble. So I pulled into the drive way and he parked right behind me and before I was able to get out of my car the officer stepped up to my window and said “Excuse me miss but do you know you were going way over the speed limit?” I smiled shockingly and said “I was? I’m sorry but I was in a rush to get to a friend’s house.” He said “Well I’m going to have to ask for your license and your registration. I felt very nervous because the last thing I needed was a speeding ticket. I’ve always been able to talk my way out of anything not to mention this officer looked a bit intimidating.
 He stood very tall and had that look on his face so I knew it was going to be hard for me to talk my way out of this one. I tried to cover myself up because I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about me but it just didn’t seem to work. I handed him my papers and looked in his eyes batting my lashes saying “I’m sorry Mr. Officer please don’t give me a ticket I don’t want it to go against me.”  He put his head in the window of my car and started looking up and down my little body and said “Please get out of the car right now.” So I did what he told me to do and when I closed my door he stepped into me and took the wrap that I had around me and slid it off. I tried to cover myself up with my arms but he said “put your hands down miss and pushed me into the back entrance and then turned me around and said “Spread your legs and put your arms above you on top of this door.” I didn’t hesitate to do exactly as he said and when I did I turned my head around and said “You really don’t have to search me Officer I don’t have any deadly weapons on me.” He said In a stern tone “That’s enough talking I’ll decide that for myself.” I could feel his hands sliding up the front of my little body. He placed them on the straps of my top and started to lower them to expose my perky breasts and started to squeeze them and slide his fingers between them. Then he slowly moved them down my tummy and made his way down between my thighs. I started moaning out “Mr. Officer what are you doing?” and my body was trembling all over. Then he started to take his hands and slide them up my little cotton shorts.
 He leaned into me and said “So you don’t have any deadly weapons huh? Your whole body is a deadly weapon and could make a man do all kinds of unlawful things.” I could feel something very hard running up and down my upper thighs and push into my tight little ass. I looked back and said “What is that Mr. Officer?” He gasped and said “That’s my knife stick miss. And do you know you ask way too many questions for a girl who was going way over the speed limit. I’m going to have to give you a big fat fine for that.” I said whimpering “Oh please no there has to be something you can do to let me make up for going over the speed limit.” He said “Well I’m going to collect right now!” And then I could feel his hands start to squeeze my ass cheeks. Pulled down my yellow shorts and ran his fingers over the top of my thong and said “here is one weapon that I want to tame right now little girl.” And then he slid them to the side and took his fingers and ran them all over my sweet little pussy lips. He slid them up and down my clitty and ran them in circles and then made his way down to my pink hole. “Then he said “For a girl who is trying to resist you certainly are very wet.” He had no idea that I had a weakness for a man in uniform. I started to moan out in pleasure because he felt so good and all I could think about was him cuffing me up and having his way with me. Then I felt my skirt lift up even further and there was something very hard running from my ass cheeks down my swollen clitty to my dripping wet pussy lips. I moaned out and said “MMMMM Mr. Officer is that your knife stick again?” He moaned out and said “no not this time it’s something big throbbing and hard.” 
Then he grabbed me by my waist and spread my legs open even further and had my little ass up in the air and pushed my shoulders down into the door and started to push his cock into my pussy lips. I moaned out in ecstasy as his dick started to invade my warm lips. He grabbed my hips and started to push in even further and got very forceful with me. I could feel my heart race and I felt very scared and wanted to try to get away but he was using way too much force. I looked back at him and saw this intense lustful look in his eyes as he started to pound in me even harder. He said “Push those pussy lips back on my swollen knife stick you little slut and give me more!” Then he told me that moving violations come with a cost. My pussy walls were so tiny and tight that they kept pushing his cock out of me. But that just made him use more force because he would jam it even harder and deeper in me with every stroke. I started to move my hips in circles and looked at him saying “please punish me if this is the way I have to get taught a lesson without getting a ticket I’m ready to get what I deserve.” And he said “you are going to get it real good little girl! A thick huge fucking load of it right now!” Then he started to moan and groan and I felt his cum juices shoot deep into my little pussy lips. He held his dick deep inside of me until he released every single drop and then slowly slid out of me. He placed my thong back over my freshly fucked lips and slid my shorts back up and put my wrap back around me and said “This time you will get off with a warning miss. But the next time you will have to pay a MUCH bigger fine for your actions and breaking the law. I walked into him and smiled and pressed my lips into his looking into his eyes and giggled and said “Well just in case I do break the speeding limit again I hope it’s you who teaches me what happens when you break the rules.” 

That was so much fun! I can't wait for him to see me speeding again. Maybe next time he may want a different kind of role play phone sex call and teach me a even bigger lesson.

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