The Naughty Forbidden Shopping Spree

When you called me you were in the mood for one of my favorite kind of role play phone sex fantasies. I heard a knock on the door and when you came over tonight you were suppose to be going out on a date with my mom but she was still not home. You stood there not able to take your eyes off of me and said “Hi Kendal I had a date with your mom tonight.” I looked back at you and said “Well she is working a double shift and wont be back in until tomorrow morning.” But by the expression on your face I had an idea that you already knew that. You asked me if you could come in for a while and since we were not strangers I didn’t think anything of it. I invited you into the living room where you had a seat on the couch. You smiled and said “That really is a cute outfit you are wearing tonight Kendal.” I said “Thank you I just bought this a long with a lot of other cute outfits.” You said “Oh? What do the others look like?” I said “Well they are short little skirts and tight fitting tops. I even got some pretty little panties and other stuff too.” You started to move to the edge of the couch and said “you like shopping don’t you Kendal?” I giggled and said “Well yeah I do. What girl doesn’t like shopping? I’ve even taken on a summer job to get some extra money.” You got this devious look on your face and said “Extra money huh? Well I can think of a way that you can earn some.” I said “Really how is that?” You said “Well I probably shouldn’t say because you are my girl friends lil girl so if she found out she wouldn’t be very happy.” By this time all I could think about was making some extra cash and wasn’t even thinking about my mom. Besides you were a very sexy older man and every time you came around I always had these thoughts that I knew I shouldn’t be having. I took my finger and started to toy with the bottom part of my top and said “Well we can keep it a secret from her. I promise I won’t say a word.” You started to moan out and said “Oh Kendal you always have been so sexy and every time I think about seeing your little body exposed my dick gets so hard.”

So you came out with your wallet and opened it up and sat there looking up at me and said “Here is $5 I’m sure you could use this to get a pretty little bra. Let me see what kind you are wearing right now. So I took the money and started to slowly lift up my top for you. I exposed my breasts and you could see my puffy perky nipples. Your eyes got big and said “Kendal you aren’t wearing a bra!” I said “Yeah I know *giggles* I forgot to tell you that I didn’t have one on.” You got this intense smile and said “No you didn’t you knew you didn’t have one on.” I kept my top up and you said “I’ve always wanted to touch those tits of yours.” And then you got up and placed your hands on them and squeezed them gently. I could see the bulge in your pants growing as you stood there trailing your finger tips around my nipples. Then you said “Are you wearing any panties baby?” I said “Well there is only one way to find out.” You said “OHHHHH fuck I need to find out.” So you reached into your wallet and came out with more money. You handed it to me and I stepped back from you and started to slowly lift up my skirt and show off my pretty little panties to you. Your eyes looked like they were ready to pop out because you could see my pussy lips push against them. And they were really wet too by the way you were playing with my breasts. You reached out your hand and said “they look so fucking soft I want to touch them so bad.” I looked into your eyes and said “you want to touch these pretty little panties don’t you. And I bet more then anything you would like to slide your hands down in them and feel this tight pink pussy don’t you?” You said “yes I do. I want more then that too. My cock is so hard right now all I can think about doing is ripping them off and feeling you climb on top and ride me. But I know we shouldn’t be doing this because I’m dating your mom.”

I said “yes you are and she has no idea that you like her little girl. She has no idea how much you want to fuck my sweet young pussy. And if she had any clue that I wanted to feel your dick sliding in my wet cunt she would be really pissed.” You took your hands and started to run them across my panties. And then said “You have no clue of what I want to do with you right now. And even though it’s wrong she’s just a prude when it comes to giving me what I want.” I took my little hands and started to unbutton your pants. I said “Well you know I’ll give you exactly what you want if you give me what I want in return. And that’s not only more money for a sexy new outfit from the mall but that’s your big fat dick in my tiny little fuck hole. Just think about how it would feel stretching my tiny box open. Me on top of you pushing it down across the tip of your fat mushroom head. My legs started to part open more as I started to slowly slide your pants down. “Oh fuck your cock is so big!” I wrapped my soft little hand around it and started stroking it up and down. You couldn’t resist taking your finger and slid my panties to the side to take a feel of my bare pussy lips. You slid your finger up and down the outer edges and slowly started to push it in. My hand was pumping your cock and I looked at you saying “MMMM Just imagine if that was your cock pushing in me.” Then I reached into you and pushed my lips against yours. You could feel my tongue sliding inside of your mouth as I took the tip of your cock head and ran it up and down my pussy lips. I started to lift up your top and pressed my bare breasts against your chest and you pulled away and grabbed your walled and said “Baby take this. It’s $100 I want your pussy down on my dick so bad it’s dripping pre cum right now.” I took the money and you pulled me onto you as you sat down on the couch.

My little panties were still pushed to the side as I moved the outer edges of my wet lips back and forth the tip of your cock head. I loved to tease you and drive you so far to the edge you were ready to bust. You took your hands and placed them on my thighs and started to push me down on your dick. I started to ride your dick and could feel your huge massive cock fill me up. I said “Oh please fuck this dripping wet pussy I’ve wanted you for so long now!” You could feel me start to bounce faster and take it in deeper. Your balls filled with cum were slapping against my little ass. And my tits were bouncing in your face as you started to ram me even deeper. You reached in and started to suck on my nipples and heard me say “My sweet kitty feels soooooooooo much better then my moms doesn’t it? I bet her’s doesn’t get as wet as mine does either. You know you can do any naughty, kinky, dirty thing with me that you want too also. Just make me your submissive little play slut.” I gripped my pussy lips even tighter around your shaft and you could feel my insides start to clutch and squeeze and grip a lot tighter. My body started to tremble all over as you said “Oh yes baby cum all over this cock I wanna cum with you. Do you want this fucking hot load shot deep in that wet pussy?” As my tight walls started to release all that creamy cum on your cock shaft I said “Oh yes please shoot that hot load in me. Please baby I want to feel you make me your cum whore.” You pressed me down into you and said “Take all this jizz baby it’s yours!!!” MMMM it was so warm and felt so fucking good. I locked my cunt lips around your dick and squeezed every last drop out of you. You looked up at me and said “that’s the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.” I smiled and said “I cant think of a hotter way to earn extra money for shopping.” *giggles*” I can’t wait to earn more so I can go out shopping again. My mom has no idea of how much of a phone sex slut I am. And she never will either! Besides some things are better when they are left a secret *giggles*

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Pervy Stalker Sneaks Into My Bedroom

You see me late at night getting out of my friends car just waiting on the perfect time to make your move. My parents are gone for the night and I’m feeling so naughty that all I can think about doing is going in my bedroom and pulling out one of my favorite toys. When I get back there I do a sexy little strip tease but don’t realize that my blinds are slightly open. I have no idea that you are watching me from your window next door. You see my little top come off and then see me bending over as I start to wiggle my little hips and ass out of my skirt. Are you getting rock hard watching me parade around in nothing but my little panties? I think I’m all alone and grab my favorite vibrator and lay back on my bed. I’m thinking about the hot guys I saw earlier tonight and how I was a cock tease with them. I just love to tease and flirt with a guy and rub my little body against his as he can feel my puffy nipples press in against his chest and take my soft little hands and run them across his body. He looked into my eyes and I could feel his hard cock press in against my little thighs. And he knows I’ll do everything it takes to make his dick want to pop except for letting him slide inside of my tiny pink pussy. I laid in my bed with my favorite toy running up and down my dripping wet lips and didn’t realize that anyone was in my house. And then I looked up and saw you standing there. I jumped and said “How long have you been standing there?” You said “Long enough Kendal. You look really good with your panties pulled to the side like that masturbating.” I said “Did you break into my house because I locked the door!” You said “No you didn’t lock the door Kendal. In fact the door was open when I came over.” You started to make your way over to me and said “you look so fucking good playing with that sweet pussy that I have to slide my big fat cock inside.”

My heart started to race and I said “Oh no you have to leave now! I don’t want you here. And my parents will be back home any moment.” You laughed and said “your parents are not going to come back home tonight. In fact they won’t be back until sometime tomorrow. “ Then you started to undo your pants and said “Kendal you are a cock tease you know that? And I believe it’s time for a real man to give you a taste of what happens to girls like you. You go around here teasing all these boys but you won’t do that with an older man.” I tried to get up and run out of my bedroom but you grabbed me and slammed me back down onto my bed. You said “you are not going anywhere baby you are all mine. And I have wanted to take you for a really long time. I’ve been watching you for months now from my bedroom window. I’ve seen you in here doing your little strip teases and touching that sexy little body all over. And I’ve seen you by the pool in those skimpy little bikini’s that you wear. I’ve even seen you on your way home late at night when you walk down those dark alleys taking a short cut.” You got this evil grin and said “if I were you I would watch where I walk late at night. You never know who may just jump out from behind a dumpster and grab you to have their way with you.” I tried to push you off of me but you were too strong. I cried out “Please no don’t do this. I’m sorry for being such a little cock tease.” I looked up into your lust filled eyes and my body trembled all over. You said Its too late to apologize now Kendal.” I could feel your big strong hands touching me and fondling me all over. You groped and started to spread open my little legs. You made your way between my little thighs and started to pull my creamy little panties down.
You could feel my heart race as your body was pressed into mine. Then you placed your lips by my ear and started telling me how you were going to rape me if I didn’t do exactly as you said. You told me that your dick was as hard as it’s ever been in a long time and before I knew it you had your pants off and had your thick meat press in against my thigh. Tears started to roll down my face and you said “Don’t cry Kendal you are going to love what I’m about to do to you. I know you haven’t ever had a grown mans cock before. “ I started to moan out and started to scream but you put your hand over my mouth to muffle my screams. You looked down at me and said “If you didn’t want this Kendal why is your little pussy lips so wet?” I said “My pussy lips are not wet if they are it’s because I was touching myself before you got here. Please just leave my house now. What if I tell my parents on you?” You laughed and said “you little slut you are not going to tell anyone what I’m about to do!” I could feel your mushroom dick head start to push against my pussy lips and then before I knew it you took one hard thrust and started to force open my pink lips. You grabbed me by the back of my head and started to thrust your dick in and out of my tiny walls. You said “you want this don’t you Kendal? If you didn’t you wouldn’t have been teasing me for so long. So you can say no all you want but I know that really means yes!” I still tried to squirm and fight my little body against his. The more I did that the deeper his thrusts became. It felt like he was ripping my little cunt lips wide open. With my crying I moaned out louder and louder. He looked down at me fiercely saying “Tell me you want it Kendal! Your hips are thrusting into me.

Your mouth is saying one thing but your body is saying another!” You kept pumping my little pussy lips until I admitted how much I wanted you. I looked up at you and said “Yes, yes I do want you to have your way with me! I want your cock deep inside of me teaching me not to be a slut tease.” You grabbed me by my little hips and plunged deeper harder and faster and then you said “I have something thick and creamy but it’s not for that little pussy so get on your fucking knees and get ready to suck my big fat dick off.” You pulled me onto the floor and started jacking your cock over my face. I looked up at you and opened up my mouth and started to slide it around your cock head. I slurped up and down and could feel you fuck my mouth. My eyes started to water very quickly as you shoved my head down deeper. You said “Gag on it slut and tell me how good your creamy juices taste wrapped around my shaft.” With my mouth full of your man hood I said “MMMM my pussy tastes so good please can I have your cum now?” Your dick head was oozing pre cum and tasted soooooooooo yummie. You said “Say it again Kendal!” I said “Oh please burst your loads of cum down my throat so I can be your cum drinking slut.” And you exploded like a rocket. Down my throat, all over my pretty little face and shot it all over my perky tits. I felt like such a cum whore with all your sticky goo dripping from my chin. You got up and put your pants on and said “maybe next time you will be more careful Kendal. Because when you least expect it someone like me will be having their way with you and making you their very own personal rape phone sex victim. “ I looked into your eyes and said “Will it be you? Will you take what you want weather I am willing or not? I just may want you to call me again for forced phone sex and feel you roughen me up and teach me another lesson.

I cant wait for you to cum sneak into my bedroom. I'll be here to be your submissive little victim...


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