Naughty Uncle Was My Pervy Babysitter

Every time I think back to when I was a little girl and the naughty forbidden phone sex things my uncle did to me it makes me sooooo mad! My mom and dad had to go out of town for a few days, and they wouldn’t let me babysit my little sister. I was big girl and they should have trusted me to look after her. I was almost 10 years old but they treated me like a baby… geez!  My mom said that they couldn’t leave a 9 1/2 year old girl alone to watch a 4 year old so my uncle had to stay here with us and I really didn’t want him too cause I HATE HIM! He was always looking at me funny, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Every time I told her that I get this creepy feeling she just said “Oh Kendal you are just imagining things.” Yeah, right… like I really didn’t know what I was talking about.

So anyway, they left in the morning and he came by with the same look he always has on his face. And I swear all day long I tried to stay away from him and for most of the day it worked. But at dinner time I had no choice. I hardly ate anything because he was staring at me. His eyes kept running across my little body. And it was almost like he was trying to imagine what I looked like under my little top and skirt. And he also had his hand under the table that kept moving up and down real slow. It was like he was rubbing himself through his pants OMG what a pervy! Then after dinner he made me sit at the table and do my homework instead of taking it up to my room like I usually did. I really wanted to just go upstairs and be to myself and study and listen to music like I always did, but since he is my uncle I had to do what he told me. And besides I didn’t want him running back to my mommy and daddy telling them that I was misbehaving. I couldn’t even think about my school work though cause I could feel him staring at me while I tried to do my math. And when I turned around sure enough he was looking right at me with this weird pervy look on his face. It still gives me the creeps when I think about him standing there smiling at me. He walked up to me and said “Kendal do you need any help with your home work? I said “UMMMMM no I don’t. I am just about finished.” The last thing I wanted was him pulling up a chair sitting right next to me! Then he said “Okay well it’s time for your sister to take a bath and get ready for bed anyway. So I’m going to go up there and bathe her myself.” I looked at him and thought “Oh my god you don’t need to be up there doing that with my little sister and seeing her naked little body! I should be the one doing it.” He didn’t have any business being anywhere near her! But there was no way I could stop him. He just took her upstairs and got her out of her little clothes and into the tub. I made sure to get up from the table though so I could make sure he wasn’t going to do anything else but wash her off.

 But he wasn’t standing for that cause when he saw me watching he got mad and closed the door in my face. I can’t believe that! Why couldn’t I see? It was like he was trying to hide something or do something he wasn’t supposed to be doing! I bet he was but my little sister wouldn’t know. She was just a little girl. So I sat by the bathroom door and listened just to make sure that he didn’t hurt her, but I guess everything was all right because she didn’t cry or anything. After he got finished drying off her little body he took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and put her into her jammies and she went to bed. I thought he was going to go to bed, too, so I went downstairs to finish my homework. He must have been real quiet when he came downstairs, because I didn’t hear him at all. What a sneak he is. I just felt him looking at me again and when I turned around he was right there. He said it was my turn for a bath now. WTF! NO WAY!!! I’m a BIG girl and the last person I need is him washing my little body off. Get real! Besides that bulge in his pants didn’t really make me feel all that good anyway. I looked at him and said “Uncle, I can take my OWN bath I’m big enough now so thanks anyway.” I could tell he wasn’t going to accept that though by the look on his face. I ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door behind me. NO WAY was I going to let him see me without my clothes on…not with the way he was looking at me. I filled the tub and even put extra bubbles in it. I just love the way they feel and I also like to play with them and blow them all around. My mom doesn’t let me do that because she says that it is a waste of soap, but I don’t care. If she was going to make me stay with HIM at least I can have extra bubbles and have some fun too. 

 So FINALLY I was away from him. I took off my little top and laid it on the floor. Then I made my way down to my cute little pink skirt and wiggled my hips out of it. I had on my favorite cute lil pink panties on so I slid those off with my little ankle socks and sneakers too. I just know if my uncle saw me getting undressed he would have tried to do something naughty to me. I was completely naked now. I looked and made sure that the door was locked so he couldn’t stand there staring at me like a naughty uncle. I would have stayed in there all night if I could have just to be away from him. As I laid back in all those bubbles washing off really good I heard the door open and he walked in! I KNOW I locked it so how did he get in?! I NEVER would have left it unlocked with HIM in the house! I found out later that he did something to the lock so I only THOUGHT it was locked. I should have known he would do something sneaky like that. And he had taken most of his clothes off before he came in so he was only wearing his boxer shorts! I looked up at him and it was a good thing that I had those extra bubbles because I didn’t want him to see me naked. I laid there with my arms covering up saying  “what are you doing in here? GET OUT because I’m a big girl and you are not supposed to see me in the tub like this!”  But he just stood there and laughed and said that I’m still a little girl and that he has to help me take a bath. I said “How come you took your clothes off?” and he said that he didn’t want to get them wet while he was helping me. But I knew that wasn’t true. He must have thought I was dumb or something. I told him that I didn’t NEED his help so he could just turn around and leave, but he wouldn’t go. He said “Look, you didn’t wash the back of your neck. It’s filthy.” I said “I just didn’t get to it yet…GET OUT!!!” Instead of leaving, he took a washcloth and started scrubbing the back of my neck like I was a frying pan or something. Then he grabbed the back of my head and turned me to face him, and his thingy was sticking out of his boxers! 

 OMG what was he going to do with that! It was so long and hard and REALLY big and gross looking. EWWWWWW!  He looked down at me with his hand wrapped around it stroking just looking at my naked little body and said “This is what you do to me Kendal now suck it! Then he just started pushing it into my mouth! “Uggh!!! What are you doing? I don’t wanna suck your thingy… that’s wrong!” But I shouldn’t have said anything because as soon as I opened my mouth he stuck it in as far as it would go. I could barely open up wide enough because it was so fat and meaty. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat and I started to choke on it. He told me to relax and just suck on it like a popsicle and he started to slide it in and out of my mouth. I looked up and thought “popsicle… are you kidding me??? You are GROSS!!! I never had a popsicle like that before.” He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved my mouth down on it and made me make those slurping noises. My head bobbed up and down as he started pumping his thingy down my throat even deeper. My eyes started to water up because I couldn’t help but gag all over it. And he made these grunting moaning noises like he was really getting off on it too! Before I knew it this thick gooey stuff started squirting out of his thingy into my mouth. I wanted to spit it out because it was so yucky but he said that I had to swallow it all. He said that this is what big girls do, and if I wanted to be a big girl I had to do it, too. I didn’t believe him, but he still had his thingy in my mouth and I couldn’t spit it out so I swallowed it. GROSS!!!!. I’ve never tasted anything so nasty before. Then he took it out of my mouth and cleaned it up with the washcloth and told me to dry off and get ready for bed. I grabbed a towel and ran to my bedroom still dripping. He stood there watching me with his eyes running up and down my body. I thought he was going to leave me alone and let me go to bed, but he followed me into my bedroom and he wasn’t even wearing his boxers anymore and his thingy was pointing up in the air!

 “NOW what so you want? Haven’t you done enough to me already? And what would my parents think if they knew what you made me do” He pushed me down onto my bed laughing and said “This will be our secret Kendal. I can bet you that because if I tell your parents how much of a brat you were then they would not be happy. Besides, I’m not done with you yet.” Then he climbed on top of me and pinned me down. I tried to struggle and get away but he was just much too strong for me to move anywhere. I felt his thingy pushing against my pee hole. I said “NO!!! STOP!!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT I’M YOUR LITTLE NIECE!!” but he just kept pushing the tip of it against my pee hole and forcing it inside. I was so scared and it hurt so bad I started to cry but he didn’t seem to notice or care. He just kept pushing until it ripped into me and he was able to push it all the way in. I couldn’t believe what he was doing to me! My own uncle took my virginity away and popped my little cherry. I squirmed all over the bed and my little cunny lips tried to push his huge penis out. But every time I did that he just forced it in deeper and made me take it. I looked up at him saying “Please stop Uncle it’s too big and it hurts! I’m sorry for being a little brat to you.” He looked down and said “No you are not!” And he just started grunting and saying how good it felt but it didn’t feel very good to me. He pushed his body down against mine and pinned my arms to the bed and started holding his penis deep inside of me. He got this weird pervy look on his face and said “here comes my gooey cream Kendal!” Then he squirted so much of that stuff inside me that it started leaking out of me and dripped all over my sheets. Finally he took it out of me and stood up. He cleaned himself off with the towel that I had carried in from the bathroom and just walked out of my room without saying a word. He did look back at me and put his finger up to his mouth and said “Shhhhhhh” and closed the door behind him. I just lay there thinking “He’s going to be here for two more days and I don’t know when he is going to walk in on me again, or what he is going to do. I only have one hole left that he didn’t stick his thingy in…….you don’t think he would put it in my bum, do you? 

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