Secretly Seducing My BFF'S Boyfriend

I’m your girl friends best friend and have been for a few years now. We went to high school together and you hired us as your interns a few months ago. Today I needed to take care of something so I asked her if she could work my shift for me. And since she owed me a favor she said yes it’s just too bad she had no idea what that was. We were such good friends that I had the keys to her apartment and I knew today would be the perfect time for me to make my move on her boyfriend. I have seen the way you look at me when you ask me to work late night hours in your office. And all those times we were alone and could feel the heat but could never do anything because “she” was around. So today I made sure it would be a day you never forget.

When you came in I was upstairs in your bedroom and hadn’t even heard you come in. I wasn’t expecting you to arrive as early as you did but your timing was actually perfect. When I came down the steps you looked up at me and saw me dressed in your girl friends lacy white teddy. It was see through and fit tight around my breast and you could kinda see through it. It was the kinda sexy slutty and revealing outfit that could make your cock so hard you would want to just rip it off. Under that I had on a matching pair of lacy panties, knee hi’s and strappy sandals. Your mouth dropped open and you walked up to me and said “Where is Becca?” I looked and smiled saying “Well she’s working my shift right now as a favor for me.” I made my way over to your couch and you couldn’t help but follow me. I turned around and walked over to you and said “So how do you like what I’m dressed in?” I turned around nice and slow giving you an eye full. You were speechless. I lightly brushed my body into yours and said “Wouldn’t you have to agree that I look much hotter than Becca?” You said “You shouldn’t be dressed in that outfit Kendal my girl friend would be very upset.” I laughed and said “Really? Because we are best friends and they should share everything don’t you think? But if you really want me to take it off I can do that.” You looked at me and said “I don’t know if that would be such a good idea what if she walks in on us?” I said “You don’t have to worry about that I told you already.” I took my hands and started touching myself as I started to rub my body against yours again.” You whispered out and said “No I want you to stop Kendal. I’m very happy with my girl friend. “ I said ‘yeah right if you were so happy you would not be undressing me with your eyes and your dick would not be hard in your pants. And if you really wanna know the truth, I know you haven’t looked at her the way you are at me in a little while now.” I took you by the hand and said “I have something to show you J.” And we made our way into your bedroom upstairs.

When we got there you stood right in front of me and I said “Since you want me out of her clothes let me undress right now.” I started to slide out of her teddy I was wearing and seducing and being flirty at the same time. You kept looking at my tits as it slid off and looking at the pretty lacy panties that showed off a glimpse of my bald pussy lips. And then you walked into me. I said “Do you wanna touch them? I promise I wont tell her. And I REEEEEALLY wanna feel your hands on them too.“ I took my hand and started to run it down the front of your body. I stopped when I made it at the huge bulge in your pants. I said “A sexy man like you should never have to want for aaaaaaaaaaaanything. And I’m just the one to make sure you get exactly what you want.” Your finger tips trailed across my breasts and made their way to my hardening nipples. I started to moan out as I could feel my panties getting wetter by the second. We leaned into each other looking into one anothers eyes and shared a deep hot kiss. My body started to tingle all over as your hands started to squeeze and cuff my tits. My soft hand was stroking up and down your cock as I got down on my knees, I looked up at you and said “Your girl friend is a very good cock sucker but I’m even better. And I’m sure you would like to compare the two of us wouldn’t you?” You looked down smiling saying “Shut up and suck it baby. It’s dripping pre cum for you right now.” Your dick was my favorite cream cicle and I was about to suck it like it’s never been sucked before. I started to lick it up and down your shaft nice and slow. I opened up my mouth and started to push it in deep. I could feel it pulsate as I took it in further and further. I slurped and sucked moving my soft lips up and down your shaft. My soft hands were caressing your balls in my other hand and took it in so deep I gagged on it. When I did that you said “Oh baby you suck my cock so goooood.” I stared to move my mouth up and down faster and faster.
My head bobbed and my eyes started to water. And your pre cum was dripping down my throat and tasted soooooo yummie. I lifted my mouth up and by now you were so heated up all you could think about was fucking me in your girl friends bed. We climbed on top with you right over me. You extended my sexy legs straight up in the air and opened them and placed my feet on your shoulders. I could feel your stiff dick head move up and down my dripping wet bald pussy lips and your hands took my tits and started to squeeze and push them together. I looked up at you and said “go ahead baby and fuck this pussy. It’s allllll yours. Feel how much tighter and wetter it gets for you then Becca’s.” You took one hard push and started to spread my cunt lips open. You moved in and out plunging yourself deep inside of me. You could feel how tight I squeezed these lips around your long hard shaft and the way that I grinded into you. I looked up at you smiling saying “You like a fucking slut don’t you? Someone who’s going to make that dick feel good. Someone who will give you every single one of her tight fuck holes. You know you can have them too.” I begged you not to stop and could feel you throbbing deep inside of me. You said “I can’t believe we are fucking on my girl friends bed Kendal.” I said “Please don’t stop.” You moaned and said “I’m not going to stop until my fucking hot cum is all down your throat.” Fast hard deep and forceful is just the way I liked it. Making me your secret slut and giving you everything you wanted. You looked down at me and said “Beg for me cum Kendal.” I said “Please I’m so thirsty. Let me suck that dick off and feed me your load!”You slid that massive dick out of my hot warm pussy and walked over to the side of the bed and slid it in my mouth. I laid there looking up as you pumped and fucked my mouth in and out. I moaned and touched myself and said “I’m your cock loving slut I want your cum so bad baby can I please have it now?” And then you slid that pole out and started to spray it all over my face. Just watching me lick and drink every last drop down for you… MMMM the naughty things we did that day that my best friend will never know about…It makes me hot every time I think of how much you want me instead of her…I just love secrets don’t you? *giggles*



Cum To My Nawty Cheerleader Practice

I just can’t wait for classes to start back up again so I can see all the sexy guys and college professors. I just love to wear my cute little school girl outfits because I know it drives them wild. But something that drives them even wilder is when they see me trying out for cheerleader phone sex practice. Just imagine you being my coach and I’m in the gym with my cute little skirt on with my bikini top. You see my hair in those cute little pig tails and see the way that I smile and flirt with you. But what you can’t wait to see is when I do those kicks and jumps in the air. All you can think about is “I wonder what kind of little panties she’s wearing under that skirt?” But being the cock tease that I am you know at first I’m going to just give you a tiny glimpse of them. But what if I was really naughty and pulled them to the side and flashed my pretty little pussy to you? MMMM you know how much I love being a cock tease.

And then you see my breasts as the jiggle and all you want to do is start stroking your big hard cock. You get all those hot heated horny thoughts because you see me twirl around and bend over. And as soon as my skirt flies up there is my firm little panty covered ass. I look back at you and think “Look at my instructor with that look on his face. I bet he would give anything to get me back in his office and slide my little panties down.” Most of the guys get really hard when they think of a sexy girls pink pussy and how it looks once she wiggles her little hips and ass out of her pretty little panties. All I can think about is how I want to be alone with you so I can seduce you and get you so turned on that you can’t think of anything else. I would start off by standing in front of you and giving you a flirty smile and say “I am so happy you brought me here so we could be alone.” And then I start confessing my naughty secrets that I have about you. You can see my suggestive ways and my soft little hands as they are running across my tight little body. 

I start to slowly undo my bikini top so I can show off my firm tits to you. And your mouth drops when you see my firm perky tits. You smile as your eyes are fixated on my breasts and you can’t help but notice how hard my nipples are. I take my other hand and start toying with my little skirt because I want you to see what kind of panties I’m wearing under it. I look down and see the bulge growing in your pants as I walk up closer to you and lightly brush my little body against yours. I look into your eyes as I turn around and start to grind my tight little ass into your cock. I’ve got your full attention by now and you know it’s wrong because I’m your student and we should not be doing this. Not to mention you are a married man. You try to resist but the temptation just grows more and more. Before I know it you are sitting on your chair and I say “All I want to do is crawl on top of your lap and feel your big hard cock press in against my pussy lips.” I start to moan out your name as you grab me and pull me on top of your lap. You take your big strong hands and start to lift up my little skirt as I’m facing you and straddling your hips. By now I’ve gotten your pants pulled down and your big hard cock is throbbing and dripping pre cum. You can feel my smooth sexy legs and thighs as they are moving across yours. There is so much lust between us right now all you can think about doing is feeling these sweet little pussy lips wrapped around your cock. You pull my little panties down and say “Kendal I have to have you right now. You are such a sexy lil girl and you drive me so wild. I know I shouldn’t fantasize about you but my wife does not give me what I want.” I look into your eyes moaning out your name again and say “Well I am here and I’m going to give you everything that you want.” 

I lean my little body into yours and you cuff my tits in your hands and feel my tight wet pussy lips start to lower down on the tip of your mushroom cock head. I start to take more and more inside of me and you can feel me grinding as I’m slowly moving up and down your shaft. “MMMMM you feel so good inside of me. Please don’t stop fucking me” I say as I start to move up and down a little faster. Your hands move from my breasts down to the sides of my rip cage and before I know it you are gripping my little ass cheeks. You start to thrust in and out of my sweetness as I lean back and feel your thrusts even deeper. My pretty little feet and toes curl as my moans turn more intense. I can feel you throbbing as I start to bounce faster on your dick. You are looking for that naughty slut to come out to play. And before you know it there I am exposing that other side to you. I slide my tongue into your mouth and say “Fuck this little cunt please. Make me your slut.” And you can feel my tongue dance around yours. Then you hear me say “I’ve never had a big fat fucking cock stretch me open like yours does. Please give me more!” My tits are bouncing up and down as my little hips are moving in circles. You can feel my dripping wet pussy lips squeeze your shaft tighter and tighter. You know this naughty slut is going to make your dick feel so good that you won’t be able to hold back your cum much longer. You moan out and say “Give me that fucking pussy Kendal.” I smile and say “It’s all yours take it! You can have whatever you want as long as you just pleeeeeease give me all of your cum.” You know that I’m a cum loving slut who will be as naughty and slutty as you want me to be. I wanna milk your cock until there is no cum left and make you explode so hard that all you will do is just blow your thick load inside of my tight teen pussy. 

Are you ready to call me in to your office today and have one of the hottest role play phone sex calls you've ever had? I am soooooo ready to be your naughty lil student and have you coach me *giggles*

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