He Was Hoping I Would Miss Curfew

I just knew when I snuck in the house late last night he was going to be standing outside my bedroom door waiting for me. But I just had to go out and have fun with my girl friends and party. There was no way I was going to escape him telling my parents that I came in past curfew. He was my mom’s boy friend and they told each other everything. Well almost everything *giggles* When I climbed in my bedroom I quickly removed my top and tried to get undressed. But as soon as I removed my top, there he was standing with this look on his face. I smirked at him and said “What is it?” He looked back at me saying “Kendal don’t pretend you don’t know what it is. You know I’m supposed to be looking after you while your mom is on vacation. Do you know what she would do if she found out you came in after hours?” I looked him up and down and said “yeah I have a pretty good feeling. But you won’t tell her will you?” I stood there half dressed in my sexy outfit. All he could see was cleavage cleavage cleavage. Then he said “Look at how you are dressed Kendal! A girl like you is just asking for trouble! And where is your top?? I guess you removed it didn’t you when you were sneaking back in your bedroom.” I walked closer and said “Is that right? Well you know how much fun trouble can be. Not to mention it would be the best kind of trouble.”

He said “You have no idea what goes through men’s minds when they see a girl like you looking the way that you do.” I walked a little closer and said “Oh really? Well you are a man so are you having thoughts like they are?” He laughed and said “That’s really not important right now. I’m going to have to tell your mom when she returns. And what about your daddy? You know he will be fuming if he finds out.” I took my finger and started to twirl it around my hair and said “Nah he won’t be mad. Me and him have a very special kind of relationship.” His eyes raised and said “Oh is that right? What kind of a special relationship do you have?’ I smiled and said “That’s not important besides that’s between me and him. But I can say that he lets me do aaaaanything I want.” He chuckled trying not to look at my breasts and nipples that were only being covered by my suspenders and said “Come on now Kendal I’m not dumb. Are you doing something with him?” I walked a little closer and said “Maybe. But I think what matters is what we could be doing with each other right now.” I was standing so close to him by now that I started to brush my body against his chest. I looked deep into his eyes and said “I know you really don’t want to expose me. At least not in that way.” I giggled and said “But I’m sure there are other ways you could expose me.” I took my soft little hands and began running them across my shoulders and slowly ran them down to my breasts.

He could not take his eyes off of how they looked pressing against my suspenders. I reached out and touched his hand and said “Don’t you want to touch them? My nipples are sooooooo hard right now and they want to feel your big strong hands playing with them.” I trailed my finger tips down to the bottom of my stomach and started to slide it up and down. I looked down and saw this really big bulge in his pants. Then I said “Tell me what this really is about “L” I mean you have been coming around here for a while now and I have seen the looks that you have been giving me.” He said “Kendal you don’t know what you are talking about.” I said “Yes I do. Because we have exchanged those flirty looks with each other.” I was just about ready to let the straps to my suspenders fall off my shoulders. I pressed into his body and said “Don’t you want to feel my tender sweet bare nipples press in against your chest? They would feel so good.” His breathing became shallow and heavy as I started to whisper out his name. He grabbed me by my shoulders and said “Kendal we should not do this I’m secretly seeing your mom. And she’s married so if your dad ever found out he would really hurt me.” I started to inch my skirt up and said “I won’t tell if you won’t. And I have to do something so you won’t tell on me.”

He stood there still trying to fight it but he said “Fuck Kendal yes I want you so bad I can taste it! I have wanted to have you alone for so long now it’s not even funny.” I took my hand and ran it down the front part of his body and stopped right where his big fat cock was at and said “I’m all yours please take me baby. I want to be your naughty little slut. I know I shouldn’t say that but I have been fantasizing about you for so long now.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him tightly. Then he said “Take this hard dick out and stroke it for me.” I pressed my soft pretty lips against his as I started to undo his pants and slowly stroke it for him. He started to lift up my skirt even more and ran his fingers across the outside of my pretty panties. I started to move back and forth and grind into him. I looked up at him and said “This sweet pink pussy needs your stiff hard cock stretching it out so bad right now.” I could feel the pre cum drip out of his cock as I stroked it a little faster. And then I said “You are all the man any girl like me would ever need and want. Just feel this bald pussy. It’s never gotten this wet for anyone before.” He said “MMMMM I can imagine. You know your mom’s pussy never gets this wet for me.” I said “I bet she wouldn’t do anything to make you cum hard either.” He took a strong gulp and started fingering my sweet hot pussy in and out.

He looked into my eyes and said “Fuck I can’t deny what I want right now and its you baby!” He pushed me against my dresser and spread my legs open. My panties fell to the floor and his big fat rod was being pumped in his hands. He said “Look at those pigtails. You know they are going to be used as my whore bars!” My finger was sliding in and out of my mouth as I said “They are all yours baby!” He grabbed my fucking hips as I wiggled my ass back and forth and I took my fingers and started running them from my tiny pussy lips back to my ass. I looked at him and said “Which tiny tunnel do you want baby? You can take either one you like.” He took the tip of his mushroom dick head and ran it from my dripping wet pussy lips and made his way back to my ass. I could tell he wasn’t sure which one he wanted. He said “I need that tight young pussy wrapped around this dick. And I know how much you have wanted an older mans dick taking control of it.” I giggled and said “Yes that’s right and I know you are just the man to do that please stretch this baby girl pussy open!” He pushed his thick 8 inch cock inside of me and felt it grab and squeeze. His control made my body tremble all over. He was the kinda man who knew how to take charge. I started moving my hips from left to right. And with every stroke of his massive cock I would tug and grab on it tighter.
I looked back at him while he nailed my little cunt and said “take this its yours! I’ll be the perfect little slut to give you all that you want.” The more I begged him to fuck me deeper and harder the more his self control went out the window. He pushed me into my table and started ramming my pussy lips. I moaned out louder and louder and could start to feel my sweet cunny lips loose control. We were fucking like two wild animals in heat as the scent of sex filled the room. He looked up at me and said “Tell me how bad you want this cum baby!” I said “I want it so bad my body is trembling all over! I will do anything and be as slutty as you want me to be if you would just shoot that hot fucking batter deep in me. You can shoot it wherever you want too!” He locked his hands around my waist and moved in circles with his dick pressing against the back of my g spot. And before I knew it he burst all of his thick warm cum deep inside of me. It felt so warm and gooey. It was just what this sweet little pair of pink lips wanted. We looked at each other and he said “If I catch you sneaking in late again Kendal there is no telling what I’ll do to you next time.” I ran my fingers down by my drippy cummy lips and said “Is that a promise?” *giggles*

I can’t wait to see what he does when I come crawling through my window again!



Your Teasing Taboo Campus Whore (Part 3)

I am soooo pissed. I’m finally home for the holidays and new year…we are having our annual family fun phone sex get-together at my parent’s house. All of my relatives are here…my Mom, Dad, six aunts and uncles, 14 cousins, and my fucking klutz brother! I shopped for weeks for just the right outfit for tonight. I want everybody to see that I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a full grown college woman now and I want everybody to treat me that way. So I’m wearing an outfit that shows the world that I am sexy, but remembering that it is my family I am not trying to be TOO sexy. Anyway, we are all downstairs having a good time and sipping eggnog, when my klutz brother bumps my arm and my cup of eggnog ends up all over my new outfit! Now I’m here in my bedroom half naked digging through my closet trying to find something that doesn’t say “high school girl” all over it.

Oh damn…somebody knocking on my door. “Who is it?”

“it’s your big brother…open the door. I need to talk to you about something.”

“What’s the matter….do you have more eggnog and nobody to spill it on?”

“Hey…I said I was sorry…what do you want me to do, lick it clean?”

Hmmmm…..no…but maybe I will……”Hold on…let me put my robe on.” I put it on, but didn’t tighten the belt all the way. I may want to have it ‘accidently open up. “..ok, you can come in now.”

He came in and closed the door behind him. “Kendal…. I don’t exactly know how to talk to you about this, but I’m your big brother and its sort of my duty.”

Oh jeez…not the ‘I’m your big brother crap again…all my life it’s been ‘I’m your big brother…I’m smarter than you…I know more than you…you have to do things my way….you’re too young to know better….when is he going to treat me like an adult?

“ok big brother…what’s on your big brother mind?”

“well,” he said “As you know, I have a lot of friends that go to the same college that you do. And I have been hearing some things no big brother wants his friends saying about his baby sister”

“What kinds of things?” I innocently asked.

“I’ve been hearing that you have an ad in the local newspaper.”

“An ad? What could I possibly have to sell? I’m just a poor student…a freshman….you can’t sell something that you don’t have.”

“Yeah…but I hear that you’ve been selling something that you DO have.”

“And what do your friends say that I am selling?” If he really knew about it, I was going to make him come out and say it. I was going to force him to admit that I’m not a little girl anymore.

“They say that you are selling your body….$50 for a handjob, $100 for a blowjob, and you are fucking any guy that gives you $200.”

I let my robe open a little. “So what if I am?” I said with a smile.

“Kendal, I’m serious….don’t fool around about stuff like this. Once guys think that you are really doing that you will never get rid of them.”

Ok…enough of this bullshit. “Andy, I AM really doing it. I need money to survive on, and if guys are stupid and horny enough to pay to fuck me, why should I be stupid and not take their money?”

“WHY SHOULD YOU …. KENDAL!!! I’m surprised at you…IT’S WRONG! THAT’S WHY!”
What’s so wrong about it? I’m making money doing the exact same thing that other girls my age are doing for free! Where do you think your new IPOD came from? Santa Clause has had a rough year….I bought it with the money that I earned with my sweet tight pussy!” I could see his dick starting to get hard under his pants. “Would it make you feel any better if I was going home with guys that I meet at clubs and fucking them for free?”

“Of course not Kendal, but you are my baby sister and I am telling you that your ‘career’ just ended. Go get a job like everybody else.

Now he was really pissing me off. “To begin with Andy, I am NOT your ‘baby’ sister. I am your ‘YOUNGER’ sister who is all grown up and can do any damned thing she wants to do. On top of that, you are talking the talk good enough, but you aren’t walking the walk.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” he asked.

I said “I’m not fucking blind…here you are telling me that its wrong, but meanwhile your dick is about to rip through your pants to get at me. So tell me ‘big brother…how much money do you have on you? How much of me can you afford?” I let my robe open to let him see my tits and sexy panties.

He paused for a moment….then to my complete surprise he reached for his wallet and said “I think I only have about $75 on me, so I guess a handjob will have to do…WAIT A MINUTE!!! What am I saying? You are my baby….ok, ok….YOUNGER sister…..we can’t do that….that’s perverted.”

I had him…I’ve been waiting my entire life for this…I FINALLY had the upper hand. I have something that he wants for a change. “I’m the same sister that you used to watch take a shower….THAT was perverted….this is just business.”

He wanted to deny it, but he knew that he couldn’t. He said “You know that I used to do that?”

“DUHHH…..why do you think that I never finished my shower until after you finished jerking off? Don’t you think that I would have finished showering before you were done at least once? Besides….if you could see me through the shower doors, it only stands to reason that I could see you, too. So I’ll ask you again….how much of me can you afford?” and I let my robe drop to the floor.

I had never seen his face this red before and he said “Well, I really only have about $75 on me…but I can get more…I can owe you…..you trust me for the rest, don’t you?”

I was enjoying this way too much. But I felt kind of bad for him, too. He’s only a guy after all and NO guy can resist my sweet pink pussy. “I’ll tell you what I’ll do Andy. Since you are my brother, and since it’s the holidays, I’ll let you do whatever your cock wants for $75 just this once.”

His hands were literally shaking as he took every last dollar out of his wallet and handed it to me without even counting it. “this is weird,” he said” I don’t know where to start…I mean…if you were any other girl I would be kissing you and taking your tits in my hands, but …..I don’t know…how do you usually start with your customers?”

I walked around him to lock my bedroom door and said “It’s probably a good idea to start by letting your cock out for some air before it suffocates.” When I turned back towards him, his cock was out and he was just standing there. I gently pushed him backwards to the edge of my bed, pulled his pants down and got on my knees. I said “You may want to sit down for this” and licked my lips. He sat on the edge of my bed and I took his balls in my mouth and his throbbing hard dick in my hand. I slowly started stroking it up and down the shaft and sucked his balls into my mouth. My tongue was flicking all over them. His cock was getting bigger and harder, and my hand was moving a little faster and all the way up to the head. I started really working his cock head with my little hand, and opened my mouth to let his balls out. My tongue licked straight up the front of his rod and back down again, stopping at that sweet spot that drives men wild. Finally I took his cock in my mouth and started mouth fucking him, taking him in deeper and deeper until his balls were hitting my chin.

“Jeez Kendal…where did you learn to do this? A few months ago you were an innocent high school girl…..weren’t you?”

“Guys don’t pay me to watch me shower. I had to learn to do what guys want or I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent.

“How often do you do this?” he asked.
“You’re asking too many questions…just relax and enjoy it” and I took his cock back in my mouth. I was sucking him and flicking my tongue all over his cock head as I took his balls in my little hand and started gently massaging them. I wanted to taste his cum so bad….he didn’t know it, but he wasn’t the only one getting off when I was in the shower. The sight of him jerking off to my hot little body turned me on so much that I couldn’t leave my wet bald pussy alone. I would work my virgin pussy and my little clit until I came, then would go back to my room and do it again or I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. I can’t count the amount of times I dreamed of sucking his cock until I drained it dry, but I never thought I would actually get to do it. “Is this ok Andy? Am I doing what you like or do you want me to do something else?”

“No…this isn’t ok…its FANTASTIC! I don’t know how you learned to do this, but if you fuck as good as you suck you’ll be rich in no time.”

I took that as my cue and got up from my knees. He said “Hey…where are you going?”

“I’m not going anywhere” I said, and turned to give him a good look at my tight little ass as I slowly slid my sexy panties down my legs. I bent over as I lowered them, and didn’t let them go until they were on the floor. I wanted to give him a good view. He started to get up off the bed and I said “No…stay right there.” I walked back to him and climbed on the bed with him, straddling him. He lay back and I slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock. I’ve had a lot of cocks in my pussy in the last few months, but I have to be honest….none of them felt as good as my big brother’s. I don’t know how to describe it…it felt wrong and right at the same time. I mean I know it was forbidden but the way that it stretched my tiny hole open and throbbed as I was sliding up and down his shaft just made me wetter by the second. It was like his dick was made for my pussy. I leaned forward so he could suck on my tits while I started to ride his hard cock up and down. My inner lips started to clutch and grip around his pole. I moved my hips in circles and started to grind into him. My 34 C tits were pressing into his chest. He obliged me by taking them in his hands, and guiding one to his mouth. He started licking and gently biting the nipple as he was thrusting up into me. We fucked in perfect rhythm for what seemed to be hours. I was enjoying the feeling of his mouth sucking my nipples and his cock deep in my cunt. His hands were on my ass, pulling me down onto him with every thrust. Most guys just want to get off and don’t give a shit about me. But Andy seemed to genuinely want me to cum too. Maybe it’s because I’m his sister and he can’t treat me like a whore….all I know is that I did cum. All of a sudden my body was convulsing like never before. My eyes were rolling back in my head as I lost all control. It felt like I was cumming for hours, but I know that isn’t possible. It got to the point where I couldn’t breathe anymore. And then it happened. He pulled me down onto him and held me there as he came inside me. I felt his hot baby juice shooting all the way up into my tummy. Other guys have cum inside me before, obviously, but not like this. It felt like there was a gallon of it shooting into me. I felt his cock throbbing inside me with every squirt, and it continued even after he was empty. He didn’t want to let go of me…he just held me there….and I didn’t want to move anyway. I don’t think my legs would have held me up if I wanted them to. I just wanted to lay there on top of him forever. But somebody was knocking on my bedroom door. SHIT! How long were they knocking? Did we make any noise? How long were we up here? I forgot all about my family get-together!

“Ummm…who is it?” I called.

“It’s your father! What’s taking you so long? We have guests…put something on and get down here! And where’s your brother? Have you seen Andy anywhere?”

“Ummm…I think he went for a walk or something…he said he needed to make a phone call and it was too noisy here. He should be back soon.”

………’ok” he said “but you get down here as soon as you can…its time to open the gifts. I will deal with him later.”

“Ok daddy, I’ll be right there.

I threw some clothes on as quickly as I could, and on the way out the door I said “Happy late Christmas big brother…and tell your friends to give me a call.”

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