If My Older Sister Only Had A Clue......

If my older sister only knew how much of a naughty girl I am and that her boy friend secretly calls me for role playing phone sex. I’m talking to one of my friends right now telling her about this heated call that I had a few nights ago…

I have been secretly been having a “friends with benefits” relationship with my older sister’s boyfriend for a few months now. He is just so hot and sexy and I swear every time he comes around we just lose all sense of control. Last Friday I decided to have a party at my place and decided to invite my older sister and a few of my other friends over. When she asked me if she could bring over Calvin I said “Sure you can bring him also.” She had no clue what was going on between the two of us. At least that’s what I thought. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered if she ever picked up on the body language that her boyfriend and I have together. So I was in the kitchen getting some snacks together when everyone started to arrive. I had music playing and it was your typical party that girls like me like to have. I was in the kitchen dancing and shaking my little ass to the music and the next thing I knew I could hear a voice moaning out behind me saying “Damn Kendal you look so fucking hot.” I was startled at first and said “Calvin you surprised me!” I was sucking some cheese spread off of my finger as he walked up to me and said “I’ve been waiting all day just to have a private moment to be with you.” I smiled and said “I’ve been thinking about you sooooo much. You look so sexy as always baby.” I started to walk up to him and brushed my little body against his. He looked into my eyes and started to kiss my lips.Our tongues rolled softly as our hands were running up and down each others body. My firm breasts pushed into his chest as he made his way down my cheeks and started kissing my ear lobe and neck.
I moaned out lightly and said “What are we doing in here Cal? You know how much I like taking risks and the danger of my sister walking in here catching us really makes my heart race. But she would be so pissed if she saw us like this.” He took my face into his hands and said “I know Kendal I feel the same way but I just can’t help myself when I’m around you. Especially when I see you dressed like this. And you are just so much fucking hotter than your older sister. So sexier and so sluttier than her. Shes such a prude you know.” And look right now my fucking cock looks like its about ready to bust out of these pants. I took my hands and ran them down the front of his body and stopped when I got to his big fat cock and said “MMMM yes it does look like its ready to bust out baby.” I started to tease it and stroke it as he walked me back to the corner of the kitchen. He slid his hands under my little top and made his way up to my breasts. He smiled as I moaned out his name and said “Kendal you are not wearing a bra. And your nipples are soooo fucking hard.” I said “They always get this way when I think about you.” All I wanted to do was have him rip my clothes off right there but I said “We shouldn’t be doing this right now. I have to get the snacks ready and you know there will be some shit if someone walks in and catches us this way.” He said “Fuck those snacks I don’t care about them and I don’t think your friends do either. Besides they are in there dancing and drinking so the last thing they are in the mood for is food right now.” I tried to push him away from me but he just pushed his body back into me and took his hand and slid it under my little skirt.

He moved my little panties to the side and said “Fuck your little pussy is so wet! I really don’t think you care about this food do you?” I giggled and said “No I really don’t to be honest with you.” His hand moved my little panties to the side as he started to slide his finger tips up and down my bald pink pussy. He rubbed it and fingered it and could feel my tiny walls grab around him. I slid my hand down in his pants and started to stroke his big fat dick. Oh my god it was just so thick and long! I got wetter by the second. He moaned out saying “Ya baby stroke this dick. Your hands are just so soft and feel so good.” I whispered in his ear meet me in the back of my house in the den in ten minutes. I took the snacks out and my friends were having a wild time. I mingled for a few and told them that I needed to change into something appropriate for the party. Then I went back to the den and waited for Calvin. He came back minutes later and closed the door and picked me up off of my feet and laid me on the bed. He dropped his pants and out came his huge throbbing cock. He leaned down into me and lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties down and took the tip of his cock and stared rubbing it against my pussy lips. He kissed me all over and pushed the tip of his cock head in my tender sweet pussy. He looked down at me and said “This is my pussy Kendal. You know that don’t you? It belongs to me. My little walls grabbed his shaft as he thrusts deeper inside of me. I looked up at him and said “Fuck me please! Your cock feels so good inside of me stretching me open. I know we should not be doing this but I don’t care. I’m all yours and all I want to do is be your slut and make you cum hard.”
He started pounding into me and I could feel his full balls smack against my little ass. Everytime his cock slid in me he would ram me deeper and deeper. I tried not to moan out loud because I didn’t want my sister to walk in on us but I forgot that there was a party and that she was even there. He had this intense look in his eye and said “I’m ready to shoot my load down your throat baby!” He slid his cock out of my pussy and I tipped my head off the side of the bed as he stood there jacking off his cock. I looked up and said “Can I please suck your cock baby? I want to taste my pussy juices on it.” He said “Oh baby you are naughty aren’t you.” He slid his huge rod in my mouth and started to pump it. I moved my soft lips up and down as I slurped all over his dick. He moaned out and tipped his head back as he fucked my throat. My eyes started to water as I could feel the tip of his mushroom head hit the back of my throat. My eyes started to water and I started talking very dirty every time my mouth hit the top of his cock head saying “I want your cum so bad Calvin please. Your cock is mine and not my sisters. And my pussy is all yours and no one elses. I want to be your naughty, kinky, dirty cum slut. He moaned out and looked at me as my fingers were playing with my bald pussy. He said “Get ready for my cum baby because its all yours!!” As he started shooting his load down my throat I would have never guessed what was about to happen next can you? Do you think my sister walked in and found me and her boyfriend together? Or do you think she was left not knowing what happened behind closed doors?

You would never believe what happened next! I just know it will make your cock explode!

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Playing Grown Up Games With Step Daddy

I remember all the times he use to come home early to surprise me. I knew he couldn’t wait to play all of those taboo phone sex games with his favorite little girl. Right now I’m thinking about a time when I was in my bedroom dressed in one of my favorite little tank tops with the spaghetti straps and a favorite pair of my cute little panties. MMMM my pretty little panties. He just loved seeing all the different kind I would wear for him.I wore my hair in pigtails because I know what that did to him. When he walked through my door he said “Kendal baby you look so pretty today. MmMmM and just look at that cute little outfit you have on. Did you dress that way for me?” I giggled and said “Yes I did. I knew you would like it and ummmm well I know what it does to you when you see me like this *giggles*” He walked over to me as I was sitting on my bed and said “OHHH you know I want to touch those pretty lil girl undies baby can I?” I said “Please run your hands between my little legs and feel how soft they are.” He had this really intense look on his face as he started to run his finger tips up and down. He took his other hand and started to rub his pants. He said “Look at what you do to me baby. My dick is getting so hard in my pants.” I giggled and said “I love doing that to you. I wanna make it as hard as I can.” He looked between my sexy little legs and said “Kendal I can see those tiny pussy lips push through those panties. You have no idea what that does to me.” I could tell that he started having forbidden phone sex thoughts. I smiled and looked into his eyes and said “What are you thinking about?” He grabbed me by my hand and said “You like playing grown up games don’t you baby? Well its time that you and I play some together.”

He laid down in my bed and told me to pull his pants down for him. I unbuckled them and slid them down and out came his huge thick cock. It stuck straight up in the air. I took my soft little hand and wrapped it around his shaft and said “Can I please make your cock feel good? I wanna stroke it for you.” He said “Oh I have been thinking about that all day at work. That’s the reason why I came home early.” My hands slowly stroked his big pole as he placed his on the sides of my hips and started to lift up my top and then slide my panties down. He moaned out and said “Oh baby those bald pussy lips are so fucking pretty. And look at those firm tits. Your nipples are so hard for me. I want you to climb on top of me like mommy does and slide that wet hole down on me.” I teased him and took a long slow lick to his cock and ran it around the tip of his fat mushroom head. I kissed it slowly and slid my pretty mouth down on his cock. It felt so good as I sucked and slurped on it. He took me by my pig tails and led me up and down his 8 inch cock and started to pump my mouth deeper and faster. I looked up as my eyes started to water and said “Oh please fuck my mouth your cock feels so good.” I could feel him get really excited as he plunged it deeper in my throat. I couldn’t help but choke and gag all over his cock. That just made him even harder. I could taste something bitter drip down in my throat and he said “Oh yes fuck baby suck that step daddy dick!” He grabbed my pig tails and pulled me up off of him and said “Get on top of me baby I’m ready to play that game with you.” I wasn’t so sure what was going on but he told me to sit there. I could feel his hips grinding under me. Then he placed his hands on my hips again and put me on top of his really hard pole.

I looked down at him and could tell how excited he was. He said “Kendal this may hurt but just for a second okay baby?” I said “Yes step daddy I know it will but I will take it like a big girl!” I could feel my tiny pussy lips start to stretch open as he thrust harder and deeper inside of me. He grabbed me and pulled me down onto him and said “fuck this big fat cock baby.” I started to rock back and forth and I moaned out so loud because I’ve never felt anything so huge stretch me open. I started to bounce up and down faster and faster and my firm tits were shaking and moving up and down. He said “Oh yes baby that’s it. Do it just like that!” I squeezed my little pussy lips all over his shaft as he took me by my pig tails and tugged on them. His cock was so slippery and throbbed deep in me. I looked down at him and said “I just love playing these grown up games with you. Does it feel as good as when mommy does it with you? I want to take her place and always give my sweet young pussy to you. “ He said “you naughty little girl you are going to turn into the perfect little slut for step daddy!” I moaned out and said “Yes I wanna be the perfect little slut just for you! My pussy is so much tighter than mommies and I can be so much sluttier than her. I’ll be so naughty for you that you wont ever want to fuck mommy ever again.” As soon as I said that step daddy didn’t give me any warning. He just blew the biggest load of cum deep inside of me. I clinched my tiny walls around his dick and drained all the cum from his cock. He looked up at me and said I can’t wait to get into more grown up games with you baby. I can’t wait for him to call me again for more family play phone sex.

Kisses step daddy!