A Hard Lesson For My Curious Kitty

I wonder if he ever noticed how I would give him those curious discreet looks. He knows that I’m a curious girl and I just couldn’t help myself. And I thought “I have been curious long enough so now is the time I’m going to find out if the myth about a man’s hands is true or not. He had just come in late one night after playing a football game. And there I was secretly waiting for him in his bedroom. I was waiting somewhere he couldn’t see me and when he went into the shower that’s when I decided to make my move. I’ve always heard that a man’s hand can tell you how big his cock is. And this was one tall sexy guy who just made me so turned on that my heart started to race for him. When he got undressed and turned his body toward the door out came his huge 91l/2 inch cock. I gasped and said “Oh fuck that’s a big cock!” He must have heard me because I swear when I tried to run out of his room he grabbed me and said “Kendal what are you doing here??” I started to smile and say “Ummmm well I thought I left something in the other room.” He smiled and said “the other room? If that’s true then why are you in my room?” He started looking me up and down and couldn’t help but notice how slutty I looked in my extra tight fitting jeans and tight fitting top. He stood there with a raging hard on and couldn’t take his eyes off the way my perky nipples were pushing against my little top. All I could think of was “OMFG the myth is true! A man’s hand can determine the size of his dick.”
My little panties started to instantly get wet. And all I could think of is all of the things he would do to me catching me in his room like this. He started walking up to me and said “you know what’s going to happen now don’t you? I mean a girl as sexy as you snooping around in my room can’t just be allowed to leave.” His cock was getting harder by the second and all I could think about is him having his way with me. He must have sensed it cause he said “you have this come fuck me look on your face and you look so delicious standing there like that.” Before I knew it he had me pulled into him and my clothes started to fly off. He took me by my shoulders and pushed me down into the bed and there his huge dick was right above me hard and ready to be pleased. He took it and said “Bad girl for sneaking into my room like this and looking like a complete slut.” Then he took the tip of his cock head and started to smack my face with it. I started licking it and took my lips and ran it around the tip of his cock head. I looked up at him smiling and he said “MMMMM you really are a naughty girl aren’t you?” I giggled and said “yes I am. I’ve wanted to be alone in your room with you for so long now. I fantasize about you and start touching myself all over.” I laid there sucking and slurping on his huge dick making it sloppy wet and felt him take his huge hands and run them across my perky breasts. He looked down and said “Do you mean you touch yourself like this baby?”

I moaned out and said “Yeeeeees just like that. It feels so good when you do it.” He kept stuffing my mouth full of his raging hard on as he squeezed my breasts and then took his finger tips and ran them across my puffy nipples. He started to drip pre cum in the back of my throat and before I knew it he had his hands between my sexy little legs and started to finger my tiny wet pussy. I knew what was going to be coming next because the minute he felt my little pink hole grip and squeeze around his fingers he looked into my eyes and said “you dripping wet little slut I need to fuck that pussy right now!” His rod was down my throat and I was gagging on his cock and before I knew it was trailing down my body and started running up and down my pussy lips. I looked up and started grinding my hips in circles and heard him say “you know I could do whatever I want to do with you right now. I could fucking have any one of your holes that I wanted. He trailed his cock head back to my tiny ass and teased it just a bit. Then he said “A dirty little slut like you would love it too wouldn’t you?” I started sucking on my finger and said “Yes I would. You know I’m a very naughty girl and wouldn’t ever say no to you.” I started to reach out as his dick and stroked it nice and slow. His balls were full of cum and I knew he was ready to explode any minute. He took it and started to slap my bald pussy lips. Then he started slapping my little ass.
He pushed his body down into mine and the next thing I felt was his huge cock pushing into my fuckable little pussy. He thrust long and deep and could feel my tiny walls stretch open. They grabbed and squeezed around his dick and would not let go. My legs were spread wide open and he started to pump deep and hard. I looked up and said “I’m your bad girl please keep fucking this dripping wet pussy and teach me to never secretly come in your room again.” He pumped harder and started to plow into my pussy. I squeezed his fucking shaft so hard that he couldn’t hold his load back any more. I said “Give me that hot load please cum for me! your cock feels so good fucking me. my pussy has never gotten this wet for anyone ever before.” Our bodies grinded into each other and I wrapped my sexy long legs around his waist and he looked down and said “I’ve gotta finish in that tiny ass baby.” He slid out and started to hammer my ass. I moaned out in pleasure and screamed because I’ve never felt anything so long fuck my little ass. I looked up and said “take this fucking ass give it to me deep and hard.” He said “I need to cum baby I can’t take this tight ass choking my dick!” He slid out and started jacking his cock off over my face and covered me in the hugest puddle of cum that I looked and felt like a total cum whore. I drank it down and licked it up and said “This won’t be the only time you catch me in your room baby. I plan on sneaking in here again when you least expect it.” He looked down at me and said “If you do I may just see how fucking slutty you really are baby. Who knows what may happen next time.”

I’m laying here now with the day dreams and memories of his aggressiveness and want more. I’m ready to go back right now. Will you show me what happens if I was to sneak into your bedroom dressed like a complete slut? MMMM I cant wait….



I Was His Cherry Filled Lunch Time Treat

I just love surfing the internet on my down time. I love down loading music for my MP3 player. And I like finding online video games where you get to play against other people. But today I decided to chat with this sexy guy that I had met at starbucks a few years ago. When we first met I wasn’t even eighteen yet. I know that’s really naughty but we just couldn’t help ourselves. He also told me one of his naughty secrets. He said he loves young voice phone sex and told me that was one of the things that attracted me to him. He is a supervisor and was having some down time in his office so we started up a really heated conversation one thing led to another and before I knew it I was having some heated mutual masturbation phone sex And If you look at my video above you can see how I started touching myself all over for him. When he heard my sweet moans and heard my little finger sliding in and out of my tight wet pussy lips we knew it was time to have our usual “secret meeting” In his office today. He is older than me and that’s one of the things that attracted me to him. I have a boyfriend but I’m ready to dump him because when it comes to experience and satisifying me hes just a big fat zero in that department. He use to be a great lover but then he got all cocky and that just started to turn me off.

When I arrived at starbucks I was casually dressed. Nothing fancy. We always agreed when I came to his work place I wouldn’t dress like I normally do because I didn’t want to attract any attention to us. Besides neither of us never knew if his wife would ever show up. And believe me the last thing he needed was to raise red flags with her. Girls know when other girls have something going on with their husbands. And if I was Steve’s wife and saw me at his job dressed like a slut the first thing I would think is “What the fuck is she cozying up to you and why are you looking at her like you want to have her for your lunch time treat?” But his wife was a stuck up prude who had no spice and the total opposite of me.

After I ordered my favorite mocha frap I had a seat and hooked up my laptop and was ready to message Steve but as soon as I turned it on I heard him walk up behind me and say “hello sexy I’ve been waiting for what it seems to be forever for you.” I turned around and smiled and said “I tried to get here just as fast as I could.” We tried to control our body language but it was very difficult. He reached out his hand and I said “I’m not sure if you have your lunch back there in your office but I really wanna be your desert.” He smiled back at me as his eyes ran up and down my little body and said “fuck lunch baby I want desert right now.” Once we got back to his office we locked the door and decided it was time for that sweet treat that I had to give him. I looked at him and said “You look so handsome in your uniform baby.” He said “You just love a man dressed like that don’t you Kendal?” I giggled and said “yes you know I do.” I couldn’t help but notice that the more we talked the closer I got to him. He reached out and said “This little cami you are wearing is one of my favorite ones but you know what? It would look so much better on the floor.”

I looked deep into his eyes with my finger tip running across my lips and said “You need to send your wife on a vacation. Or we need to get together late at night maybe when she’s sleeping.” His hands ran up and down my breasts squeezing them and caressing them. I moaned out and said “Remember that night we got together when she was on a business trip? I was dressed in one of my sexy short skirts that showed off my long legs and how it just barely covered my tight little ass? And my tight fitting top that showed off my perky tits? I remember the look on your face and how you couldn’t wait to peel me out of those slutty clothes so you could see what I had on underneath it. I know how much you love looking at my pretty little panties and how hard it makes your dick when you see my bald pussy lips press in against it. But once they slide off my tight little ass and you see how wet my sweet pink cunnie lips are for you all you can think about is sliding your big fat cock inside of me.”
I had my hand down in Steve’s pants just teasing the tip of his swollen mushroom cock head. It felt so good too. He knew I just couldn't get enough of cock stroking phone sex. He slid my little pants down and saw my little panties and how wet they were for him. I could feel the moistness drip from his cock as I started to stroke his shaft nice and slow. He smiled and said “Kendal you know what you are doing to me baby. You have me so fucking hard right now I’m just about ready to cum and I haven’t even slid in that tiny bald pussy yet.” I smiled as I trailed my finger tips across my shiny glossy pink lips and said “Ohhhhh please you can’t cum yet Steve. I need to feel you slide your cock in me soooooooooo bad.”

His eyes were planted on my breasts and then on my panties. He took me by the hand and led me over to his couch and said “Look at the tent in my pants. You have my cock rock hard. Why don’t you slide those little panties off and spread those sexy long legs wide open.” I wiggled out of them for him and did exactly what he wanted. I was touching my hard puffy nipples and my other hand ran up and down my tight pussy lips. I begged for his dick to take my sweet hole. He stood there stroking his cock and leaned down into me. He took his massive cock and started to push it in and out. He said “Fuck your little pussy is tight as ever baby.” He pushed deeper inside of me. I squeezed my little wet walls around his long shaft gripping and squeezing as I moaned out “Fuck this little pussy Steve. It belongs to you. I don’t want you to stop please!” He started to ram me deep and hard. I moved my hips in circles and pressed my naked little body against his.
The deeper he pushed in me the tighter my pussy would hold on to his rod. He penetrated me so fucking deep it felt like his cock head was going to break through my fuck walls. He looked down and said “When I fuck my wife its you that I’m thinking of baby. And when I’m secretly jacking off my dick at work you are the one I’m wishing who was here.” I looked up saying “You can have me whenever you want me. this pussy is all yours and nobody else’s. All you have to do is send me a message or call me.” He said “yes baby yes I know exactly what to do when I want to have you all to myself. I tried not to get too loud because I didn’t want anyone to come to the door. But I think his co workers knew that I was a slut and we had something going on.

His throbbing cock was ready to cum I started begging him like the cum slut that I am and said “Can you please give me every last drop of that thick hot cum? I want to make you explode hard….” He pushed me down into his couch and held his dick deep in my pussy and wouldn’t move. He laid there grinding into me and he said “This time I’m going to fill that little box up with my creamy batter. But the next time I just may cum down your throat or in that sexy fucking ass of yours.” I clutched and choked his cock and he couldn’t take it any more. I milked his rod and emptied every last drop from his balls. MMMMM and it felt so fucking good too. After we laid there for a while I got up and put my things back on. Oh but I did leave my pretty little panties there so I would have a reason to come back to see him again. “giggles”

Can I come to your office today and be your tasty little sweat treat? I am ready to do any kind of role play phone sex fantasy you are ready for. And if you want to see more of my naughty video clips just give me a call or message me to find out how to get my longer naughty video's..

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