Our Secret Lunchtime Quickie

I’m in my kitchen right now thinking about our special private hideaway at the hiking trail. I was dressed in a really skimpy little jean shorts that showed off my smooth sexy legs. I had on a low cut tight top that showed off a lot of cleavage. You were looking so handsome as always. All I could think about is it was just you and I with no one else around. No boyfriend or wife. Just our special private place. You looked at me and reached out pulling me into you. I brushed my soft lips across yours as we started to make out. Our hands were all over each other. The moment got so heated that we didn’t even care if anyone else was around or not. I slid my hand down your body and found my way to the stiff bulge that was in your pants. I just had to touch it. I teased it and played with it as your hand slid under my little top. You made your way up to my firm breasts and said “Oh Kendal you naughty girl you are not even wearing a bra.” I looked into your eyes and said “Yes I did that for you T.” You moaned out as you ran your finger tips across my hardening nipples. Then you said “My wife would never do anything like this for me baby.” I smiled and said “Well I will do whatever you like because I really am a anything goes phonesex kinda girl.”
I was going to show him just how far I would go too. You squeezed my breasts as my hand started to slide down into your pants. I wanted to stroke that throbbing hard cock so bad. I slid my fingers up and down your shaft. I wanted to tease you and drive you crazy. And by the feel of the pre cum that was dripping all over my hand that’s exactly what I was doing. I stroked up and down craving your cock, squeezing it just a bit as I made my way down to those balls that were filling up by the second. You  took your hand and pushed me down to it. You knew how bad I wanted to suck it. And I know how much you like getting it sucked. You shoved me down as I took it in my mouth. It was so huge and thick. I licked it up and down and trailed my tongue around the tip of your mushroom head. That just made you even harder. You shoved me down on that dick. You pumped it deep down my throat like you were thrusting it in my sweet bald pussy. I looked up at you smiling at me and you said “Kendal you are my good little slut. Now suck it faster.” My head started bobbing up and down as I slurped and made it sloppy wet for you.
Your fingers found their way down to my little shorts. You pulled them to the side and noticed I didn’t have any panties on. You toyed with my swollen clitty feeling how wet it was for you. Then you said “You bad girl! You aren’t wearing any panties are you?” I giggled and said “That’s another surprise for you.”  All I could think about is how much I wanted to feel your cock sliding in my dripping wet pussy. I wanted you to bend me over or push me up against a tree and let me show you just how much I like living on the edge. I wanted you to feel the rush of what it would be like to get caught. But you were much too into my mouth fucking your dick and your fingers pumping my little pink twat that nothing else mattered. You knew I loved no limit’s phone sex and if you wanted to fuck my other holes I would have given them all to you. My glassy eyes looked up at you as they teared up from your cock choking my throat. And I said “T please let me be your cumslut today. I want your fucking cum down my throat so bad.” You looked down saying “I’m about to spray my hot load and give a new meaning to what a cum whore is like.” I begged you for that creamy load. Telling you how my little kitty cat is so wet and how It would feel if your dick was sliding into it. My description was so vivid with my dirty talking mouth that before you knew it you were shooting your load all down my throat. I felt like such a cum drinking slut. You leaned down and kissed me as I let some of your creamy jizz slip into your mouth. I could tell you were kinky and liked cum swapping phone sex. You looked at me and called me your favorite dirty girl.
I can’t wait to go to our secret hideaway again. Maybe it will be a different place or maybe it will be a place that I can submit all my tiny slutty holes to you.
MMMM where ever it is I cant wait until we meet again…
I just love anything goes phone sex… do you?
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