Back And Ready To Play

Heya everyone! I've been gone for a while but I haven't forgotten about all of the fun I use to have with  you :-) I'm a college girl now so i've been focusing on my major and doing LOTS of homework. When I wasn't doing that I was hangin with my BFF's partying, being super flirts, shaking our little asses and having fun with all the guys. *giggles* Did  you miss your slutty red head? Cause I sure missed you. I have a little secret too tell you wanna know what it is? If you think I was naughty, slutty, kinky, dirty and a no limits cum slut before, I'm even more slutty than ever! College and older men have really corrupted me :-) But I still make your perfect little submissive lil slut to fuck...I can't wait to have some fun on the phone with you again. My pretty little panties are really wet right now thinking about how hard your dick is getting for me....My bald puffy pussy is all yours to play with....


AIM:    KendalSwallows
Yahoo: KendalLuvs2Swallow