A New Way To Message Me Yay!

Hi guys guess what? I had some free time on my hands and I decided to be a good girl and do a bit of research just for you! And I have to say that I've honestly been here for quite some time working on a new way that you can reach me. And it's especially cool because if you don't have AIM or Yahoo messenger you can simply message me right here from my blog yay! It feels like one of my most favorite ways to do homework cause I like finding new ways for every single man who visits to have a way to reach out to me. And after reading my naughty stories you may find yourself getting super turned on and wanting to do a role play call with me. MmMmM I really love it when your dick starts to throb and all the sudden you start thinking about all of the things you want to do to me. My pretty little panties are getting really wet right now just thinking about it *giggles*  But first please take a little more time to read about my new messenger service....

If you just look all the way to the right column of my blog, or just let your eyes scroll that way, you will see a blue slim rectangular shaped box that will allow you to click on it. And it wont be located at the top of this page it will be more at the bottom of this blog post entry. If I'm not available the box will say "leave a message" From there you can just enter your name and e mail and the message will come directly to my offline e mail.

But should I happen to be available then the blue box will say "chat now" Please do not be distracted by it saying admin or the picture of the operator there. That girl is not me and is just a default that comes with the program that I'm using and I have no way to control or change it. Should I happen to not respond right away, just check my page here to see if I'm on a call. 

I decided to ad this as a way for those who are looking to chat and possibly set up a call with me. And if I can excite and turn you on even more as a special surprise I could e mail you my private video with our call as a very naughty way to say thank you. That and the thought of you getting hard right now so much as you start stroking really gets me even more excited. I can't help but start thinking about taking my pretty little hand and touch and stroke if for you. Can I lick it and suck it too? I just love wrapping these soft pretty lips around your dick and driving it crazy. That's not the only thing I like sliding around it either. I can think of two more very tight and slutty holes that want to be stretched out by your throbbing hard cock. I know it certainly gets my pretty little panties very wet. In fact, I'm fucking my smooth pink pussy right now with my favorite panties and it feels soooooo good.

So if you are curious and wanna see if this messenger service really works, please feel free to try it out.

And if for some reason you are having difficulties figuring out where my chat box is located, feel free to e mail me at Kendalluvs2swallow@yahoo.com

Or message me on AOL or AIM messenger. My screen name is:

Hmmmm I can't wait to hear from you...


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